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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Capitol Quilt show

Warning warning long post, but it has tons of inspiration in it.

My trip to the Capitol Quilt show was better than I could imagine. My head was so full of ideas when I got home, that it hurt. Or maybe it was from looking up for so long. The quilts were hung high, and we did get the giggles over our stiff necks throughout the day!

Hope you find some inspiration in them... Here we go

The Denver Capitol makes a beautiful place to have a quilt show.

So many places to hang them!

We walked and walked to see them all.

Did I mention stairs?

And more stairs...

But the rails were polished up bright. We were hugging them dearly from the exhaustion of the stairs! :-)

So many pretties!

                          And doesn't the Dome make a beautiful photo?

                                             Rather inspiring in itself!

There were surprises around every corner

When it was all over I really just wanted to fight ole Abe for his chair!

Days just don't get much better than this!



  1. Many thanks for all your climbing stairs and holding rails, snapping shots of glorious creations, inspiring all who visit here.

  2. What an amazing quilt display! And such a wonderful setting. I'd be caught between looking at the magnificent building and the beautiful quilts. You certainly got you workout on that day!

  3. Looking and taking pictures..such dedication! I would be completely overwhelmed by the quilts and forget the pictures...Thank you! and kudos to Denver and CO for allowing their capital to be dressed in quilts!

  4. What a wonderful exhibition! Thanks for sharing your day and the quilts!!!!

  5. These are just beautiful. Love the Sesame Street quilt. Peyton would absolutely love it. Wonder if this is a pattern or if someone created it themselves!

    Wish they would have something like that up here....use the Capitol for something other than protests!!

  6. JMF took the words right out of my mouth: WOW!!


  7. I agree with everyone, wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! The quilts are beautiful! How many were there?

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  10. Thanks for sharing pictures of all the beautiful quilts. What a wonderful venue for a quilt show. I can only imagine how much work it was to hang all those quilts!

  11. WOW! What a gorgeous quilt show!

  12. Thank you for sharing your hike through the capitol. I wish I had known and I would have taken my kids down for the day. We ooh and aah over the pictures.

  13. Wonderful quilts, I'd love to come visit if I every get back up to Whitehorse to visit a friend. I will be checking your site out often. Thanks

  14. Amazing Quilt Show! Thanks so much for sharing this show with us! :) Pat


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