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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Just a quick note to let you know that I am here and all is well, but our home was hit by lightening on Tuesday night. No visible damage, but phone, Internet, TV, etc are all out. We are finding things as we go, that are also not working. A TVand a phone were immediate victims. It looks like it might have hit the TV antenna and satellite dish and traveled into the house. The explosion was something else. I jumped about 10 foot off the ground.

It was quite the light show. There were so many lightening strikes that the sky was lit up for about 35 minutes. The lightening was hitting the ground and everything on it, and flashing back up with bright blue light light. I guess I should have been more scared than I was, but I was so captivated by what I was seeing, I could stop watching. Until of course I was the target!  :-) There were thousands of strikes every minute. Mother Nature!!! She was really mad!

We've added the microwave to our DOD (dead on demand) list along with the air conditioning. :-(  I am trying to go thru the house and test out everything  right now. But I am very happy to report that none of my sewing machines were plugged in at the time!  Yeah...

Farmers Insurance has been a big let down. They can't seem to find an adjuster to come out for at least 10 days. Really??? I am so glad my house didn't burn down and we were sitting in the ashes waiting for them. We have replaced a breaker already to get power back on to everything, but I am not comfortable with there not being hidden problems. We are taking matters into our own hands and getting workmen out to inspect things since Farmers can't seem to help us. I don't want to risk a fire while they figure out how to get someone out here, to start the process.  And yes my bills are paid on time. For 30 years now with only 1 claim for theft of a roto-tiller, 29 years ago  :-)  God love insurance companies.

Hope anyone else effected is OK and getting better service than I am right now!



  1. Isn't it always the way! You never know what your insurance company is like until you need them!!

  2. That is just rediculous! They sure can take their time, but dang it you better have your payment to them on time! I hope you find everything that was damaged. My parents house was hit by lightening once, and the refrigerator was fried. Gosh check everything that was plugged in. Hope they cover every item completely, and you come out of this with a nice new shiny computer that zooms.. don't forget the software that was on it..

  3. Wow, just glad that you were safe and that there was no fire. Insurance companies are a law unto themselves

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the lightening! My husband and I were out today I swear I think it hit so close to us that the car shook - scary stuff. blessings, marlene

  5. Glad you weren't hurt! You were smart to have your sewing machines unplugged. Good luck with your insurance company.

  6. Our house was hit years ago. Hit the CB antenna on the house and came in. Blew holes in the floor and sheetrock off the walls. Also blew pieces of the covering off the electrical wires. The adjuster who came was truly dumb. We had an electrician there when he came and he wanted him to turn the electricity on and see what would happen. It would have burned down the house. We did part of the work ourselves, I shopped for new like I would have if I had been using my own money and even stayed in the house without electricity for over a week. When it was all over and done, State Farm Insurance canceled our policy. We had only been a client of theirs for 30 years and had 2 other small claims in all of that time. Like you, I felt very let down by the company.
    Be sure to have your wiring checked. Hopefully it is fine and you can get back to normal very soom.

  7. Glad you guys are okay. Good reason to not leave things plugged in. Hope you get things settled quickly and as smoothly as possible.

  8. Sorry to hear about your disaster, hope everything is okay now. We're having many forest fires here in NorthWestern Ontario. People are being evacuative from outline areas to Thunder Bay. The weather is hot everywhere, braking old records.
    Please stay safe.


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