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Monday, September 26, 2011

Home again...

Well, I'm home. It's a mixed bag of feelings. There is nothing better than getting home and being back in your own digs, but leaving the place I love more than anything is hard to do.  It was not an easy trip home. Late planes, and luggage that could not be loaded...  I am still missing my suitcase with all my quilting projects in it!  ARRRRGH, but after doing some investigation myself, with luck it should arrive in Denver today. (keeping my fingers crossed)  I probably wouldn't be nearly as anxious if it was just my clothes, but my quilts, now that's a different story!!  You know how us quilters are! :-)

I watched fall emerge over the three weeks I was there. From the first day to the last day I watched the colors change.

  And while I complained I saw no wildlife, I must have lied!
While stopping to take this beautiful photo, I stumbled on this guy/oops gal, I mean!

These two were strolling the harbour in Homer.

Now this thing... Have you ever seen?                   I thought it was strange for a brown mouse...     No mouse, but a shrew. I have heard the name, but only in Taming of the Shrew.                     Who knew it was really an animal!   :-)  :-)  It lived right outside the patio door and came by to visit many times a day! It really didn't seemed bothered by people much at all???
                                                                                           Swans on Turn Lake

                                                                                                Then were was that one perfectly clear day where Mt Redoubt showed herself on the other side of the inlet!
And Exit Glacier showed her glorious colors!
The Harbour in Seward overcast and cold! But still beautiful.

Mushroom hunting was great again!

and YES!  I finally got to see it for real...
Any Deadliest Catch fans out there?  I was taken back, by how small it really is. I am glad I am not having to spend weeks at a time, at sea on it.

I even had time to play with some artsy photography :-)

Then I stumbled on this great sign, which made me smile. Cause don't ya know it kind of says it all 'bout me!
On that note, I am off to try locate my luggage, and lament about having to go back to work tomorrow.
Always the down side of a great vacation, huh?



  1. What beautiful pictures of an obviously gorgeous scenery! It sure looks like you had a great time. Got my fingers crossed for your suitcase recovery. :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your AK photos and adventures. I really enjoyed them. Our 2 weeks last year was not enough.....maybe next year. Glad the luggage saga is almost over.

  3. enjoyed your pix and posts on your ak trip ... glad you got to seward! i always said the flying problems are inconsequential when flying to and from alaska when compared to being in alaska.

  4. Welcome home and your pics are beautiful! I really enjoyed them.

  5. I am a new follower. Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures. I hope you get your luggage very soon.

  6. Haa. I'm with you. My first trip to Alaska and I didn't see one Moose. I was so disappointed. 2nd trip I saw several and by the 4th trip, an animal spy now. lol.

    Seward and Homer are fun towns. Where else did you venture to?

    You are lucky to see Mt Redoubt! I did see it one day fishing on the Kenai.

  7. Great photos! My wishes are going out for a speedy luggage recovery.


  8. Thank you for all the wonderful photos. It is a beautiful location. So how long before you go back again?
    Hope the luggage is home soon, too!!
    And the wandering moose sign just suits your blog perfectly!!

  9. Your pictures are just wonderful and sooo inspirational....I can see quilts in alot of them. Love your header!

  10. Your pictures are gorgeous. Homer, Alaska is on my list of places I would like to see.


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