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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Happy Mail Call and Saving for fabric fix

 You can't imagine how delighted I was yesterday when the mailman brought this package to me. You see, Janet over at What Comes Next, had a give a way. Guess who won????
I did, yippee!!!!   I knew the fat quarters were coming, but I had no idea she was throwing in a book and the thread to go with it. Wow Janet, this is a great package, and I do promise to do something special with it.

Now take note of the great post card she sent along with it. Made out of a paper bag, an applique flower and rubber stamps. It is just toooooooo darn cute!

Then,  Linda over at Scrapmaster shared a post about her new fabric acquisition, and light bulb went off. You see Linda saves her change and when there is enough, she goes shopping for fabric.

In my, prior to quilting life, I was a crafter. I made fabric dolls, country style bunnies, bears, pigs,cows and a few moose too. Then I got the wood bug, and added wooden dolls to my collection, which ended up branching out to many different wood items.

Fence pickets soon became one of my favorite things to work with. They were inexpensive and precut. I learned to make many different things out of them. That was long ago now, and most have gone by the way side. I still have the change box that I made. It sits by the door and makes a great place to throw change as you come and go. It also doubles as a great doorstop.

Mine is tall, about 3 foot. I only wish it was full, but there is enough in it to make it harder than heck to move. (note the moose, seems they are everywhere around here!)

Now just how much fabric could I acquire with that??????    Hummmm...   Thanks to Linda, my mind is going like crazy! And it's probably NOT a good thing!  :-)      I promised her I would not share with hubby who gave me that great idea. He cringes when he sees bags if fabric come thru the door... and that's another story all in itself!  :-)

Saving for fabrics, what are your ideas on that??  Please to share. Better yet, make a change collector for yourself and show us what you did!


  1. Wow! I think you have some serious change in that box! I would be rolling that up and heading to the fabric store!

  2. So glad your package arrived and you like it - have fun with it. I bet you've got enough change in there for a really nice fabric shopping spree!

  3. Lovely package. I love pigs and have several 'piggy banks' that get feed loose change egually as they are for different shopping sprees. It's amazing how fast they fill (I hate loose change in the bottom of the purse).

  4. You certainly scored very nicely in the give away. Congrats!
    So are you going to need a wheelbarrow to take all that change to the bank? Bet they are glad they now have machines to count the money!
    You asked about savings plans. Don't really have one of those but I do have a really good spending plan!

  5. Great surprise package! Now, roll up that change and go shopping, girlfriend!


  6. Great idea, throwing change an easy on the budget.

  7. you are in the ghastlies blog hop right...you need your button up...? yes lolo


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