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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They said it was coming

But I did not believe...

Monday it's 80 degrees!

Tuesday I find the lone last bloom on my bush, that should have stopped blooming a month ago.

The fall colors are still with us!


The planter by the pond is looking pretty sad,
 but the stock tank heater is ready to go to protect the fish.
Is this all really necessary???


24 hours later, I guess the weather man knew what he was talking about!

We finally got our electricity back a while ago, after being without for 10 hours,
 but there are 82,000 in the city who have not been so lucky yet.

Having heat is feeling pretty great to me right now!


I can go sew again! Yeah!!!!


  1. Yes - it's headed our way! We are dropping in temps each day and tomorrow is to be our lucky day right thru the weekend - oh joy!

  2. Oh No they mentioned it her but I'm so hoping they are wrong.

  3. I remember many first snowstorms of the years when we lived in the Colorado mountains. Many were surprising but I never remember an 80 degree day just 48 hours prior! ~ Jeanne

  4. Oh Crap seems to sum it up nicely.


  5. How beautiful! It's suppose to turn cooler here tomorrow

  6. lucky you! snow, here, is still above the tree line on the mountains ...

  7. And it's headed OUR way tomorrow!! Couldn't you have kept it a little longer????


  8. Eww! Snow! EWW! I don't want to see it, nope. Where are you guys all located? I'm in Michigan, and I best not get it for another month! Darn it! lol

  9. Wow! What an extreme change. I can't imagine 80 one day and snow the next. That's crazy. So what's in store tomorrow? Something different again?

  10. Wow! From 80 to snow in nothing flat!!
    Here in SoCal we went from 90+ to 67 in a day...and now they're saying close to 90 again for the weekend. AaaaaaaCHOO!
    Glad your electric & heat is back up & working for you.


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