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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ghastlie Give A Way

As I sit here, still in shock over the Ghastlie Blog hop, I can't help but be humbled by all you wonderful folks, who shared a little part of their day with me.  The over 160 comments and so many new followers!! WOW 

I have responded to everyone who was not a no reply blogger, and please know, from the bottom of my heart that I it means "sew" much to me!

But I must admit, that I am just a little let down. It has been such a fun time, that I didn't want to see it come to an end. What will I do with my time now???  I'm out of fabric and can't play anymore... whah whaw whaw. I know, pull up my big girl panties and deal with it right?   :-)  :-)

Hummm... Christmas is coming and I do need to start on those projects!  Hey, does anyone know if ole Alexander Henry has come up with something outrageous and hideous for Christmas???   That might be fun  :-)  :-)

Ok, back to serious now!! I have a winner for my Daily Doodler -Ghastlie Edition.  

TA-TA-TA-DA   ( be very thankful you can't hear me sing ) 

It's    Quilting from BC Canada
who said

"I love all your projects but the slippers are my favorite. You are one very talented lady. Thank you for sharing. I will be following your site from now on and I am sure I will find lots and lots of inspiration."

Now on that note I personally am not so sure about the talented part, but I am thrilled Quilting B dropped in for a visit. I will try to make you laugh and keep you inspired, that's for sure!
Congratulations. Your Ghastlie creation  will be winging its way to you shortly!!
Do Enjoy!!

Now we have yet another, who's name has been sent on to our Ghastlie, yet wonderful Madame Samm. You see, she has a grand prize giveaway.  

 who said 
"I too am having a really hard time picking just one favorite Ghastly project from all the fantastic ones showcased during this hop but your slippers certainly earned high marks. Thank you all so much for such an enjoyable way to spend my mornings (ans sometimes be late getting out the door in the process)."  

Ahhh yes Michelle, the late mornings. I can't tell you how many times I am screaming out of the door late because I lost time in blog land!  :-)
Best wishes to for a win with our MSAMM!

There were a lot of questions and comments about the slippers. They are from a McCalls pattern. It's a current pattern  M6449.  The only change I made to them was to make the binding out of fur, and I added a little strip of fur that I gathered a bit to the tops. You won't believe how fast and easy they were to make.

Now if I can find some hilarious Christmas fabric, I just might have the perfect gifts!!   hehehe   Oh, oh, the mind is turning, and that always signals trouble!! Watch out family. If any of you followed me last year, you know it was the year of the boxers and I tormented everyone with lots of em. My brother-in-laws are still afraid of me, over it all!!  :-)  :-) Wonder how they would feel with slippers??????  No probably should stick to the girls instead!!  What the heck, it is their turn after all!

On that note, you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for visiting me!! Hope you enjoyed the Ghastlie Hop as much as I did!!  :-)


  1. I love the slippers - I'll be looking for that pattern! blessings, marlene

  2. Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed the Ghastlie giveaway, and I am so forlorn to see it end.

    Make all the females slippers this year! I'm sure they'll love them.

  3. The slippers were my favourite too!

  4. Yes I did love the slippers so much. Perhaps there is a fabric out there with a drunken santa or a reindeer with his antlers tangled in lights.. those would be funny on the slippers.

  5. Since you asked, yes he does have a Christmas line. Here is the link.


    I am coming off the Ghastlie rush also. I did pull out a couple of Christmas projects and it is helping. I made a list of my need to do by 12/25 and I do need to focus. It's just that the stuff on the list isn't quite as much fun.

    Let me know what you think of AH's line. Have fun. Selina

  6. Christmas slippers, Valentine slippers, Easter slippers, Spring slippers, Birthday slippers .......

  7. So sad to see the back of the Ghastlies!
    I love the slippers - great idea for xmas presents :)


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