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Monday, November 21, 2011

Now is probably not the time to ask ...

But I am going to anyway.

Last week I had a customer quilt to do, and she insisted that I use a white fleece instead of batting. She provided it all, and I did what I was told.  My question is, have any of you ever done this??? Is there a down side I should have known about??  My machine didn't mind it at all, and while it's a bit stiffer than it would be with an 80/20 batting, it seemed just fine! It would be a great way to make use of fleece when they have those fantastic clearance sales.

Don't let that "Murphy Monster Cat" deceive you, while she thought it was all about her, she was no help with this project at all!  Darn cat!  :-)

So, I would love to hear your input for the next time I come across this. If I ever do!



  1. I have used fleece on the back in place of batting and back. The recipients loved them. I've also used two layers of fleece or minkee and quilted them together - pretty heavy. I've only done it on fun,easy quilts as I don't expect the fleece to last being totally soft through too many hot dryer trips. It certainly is easy.

  2. I have read/heard that fleece can be used as an alternate form of batting. I have never tried it but my understanding is that it makes for a lighter quilt that still gives the "sandwich" effect (in contrast to a "summer quilt" that's just the top and a back quilted together).

  3. I have used the white fleece (like Thermolam) in purses and placemats and table runners, and would have no problem using it in place of batting. Though, as you say, it isn't quite as soft.
    I've never used polar fleece (the kind used to make hats and mittens and blankets and pullovers, etc) in place of batting, mainly because it usually has some stretch to it and I don't want the increased potential for puckering. Don't see any huge reason why it wouldn't work though.

  4. I have no idea but am very interested in reading your replies!

  5. I've used polar fleece for backing, never batting - intriguing idea though - when using it on the backing, it was difficult to quilt with, the machine wasn't a super fan of it and i did get some puckers - i wasn't fmq'ing just some straight lines

    looking forward to seeing what other people have to say about this possible batting idea!

  6. I've used it for the backing/batting combined when I wanted something soft, warm and light weight. I wouldn't use it for anything I wanted to last a long time. blessings, marlene

  7. Here in Mexico we can't buy batting. I bring mine back in my suitcase. My DH just shakes his head. But many of the ladies in the guild here in Monterrey use fleece and minky as batting. I have used it once and will keep packing it when I visit home.


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