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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Occupy Reveal

Here we are Dec 11, and it's our big reveal day!  I am so glad that Barbara inspired us to use this week and get our holiday projects and UFO's done.

I made use of our bad weather, and a week off work, to finish up some holiday projects, and does it feel good!  It's not Dec 23rd yet and I am not frantic over finishing up things!! YEAH!! Thanks Barbara!!

So this week I did a few things.

First off  a contemporary guitar wall hanging.

I have to say, I have always been enchanted with contemporary quilts, but it really isn't my style. # 1 son collects Hard Rock Cafe guitar pins, and I have been thinking about making this quiltie for quite some time now. It was a pattern in a Quilting Arts book in 2003.  I told you it was quite some time I had been thinking about it!  :-)  :-)  I added the wide borders so he can attach all his pins to them.

I have say, the process of quilting it was so much fun!  It let me sit and play to my hearts content. When I sit back and look at it, I see things I would do very differently now, but having this "canvas" to play on was worth it's weight in gold!
If you have ever dreamed of practicing free motion quilting, make a contemporary quilt and let yourself run wild. You won't believe how freeing it is!

Next on the list
By Lisa Moose

#2 son is crazy over Orca whales. Must have come from the years he spent at Sea Camp, at Sea World. Combine that with our love of  Inuit design, and this was a must do!

I was fortunate enough to find the perfect border batik for it!

This is designed to be a table runner, but it will act as a head board for his bed. Now if I can manage to get the quilt done too. Reality is that is a next year's project!  Sorry kiddo!

Continuing on...
I got the last of the embellishments on my second Deer Oh Deer quilt.

Made a complete chef outfit including the coat and pants for #2 son. I found this hilarious Loralie print for the scarf and a couple of towels to go with it!

Then in spite if the fact I didn't want to, I cleaned my quilting room. Yikes, where did all that dust come from. All the quilts came down and went into the dryer to clean them up a bit. I will be surprised if my dryer now isn't suffering from emphysema after all this!  :-)  While I was at it, I decided to hang some Christmas quilts for the holiday!

I got a good start to my second embroidered car quilt. It was such a hit that I am teaching it in February and they needed a shop sample! This is a "My Fair Lady" design. She has some fabulous things if you've never seen her web site.
Oh yes there is a gingerbread man peeking out in the corner, but that's another post soon!  :-)

And last but not least I have started a Christmas arrangement. Inspired by another blogger of course. All it needs is the wool gingerbread man sewn up and it's complete. Why isn't it done you ask???  Well, probably because I got side tracked dusting!  Blast it, I was on track until that point! I never did mind dust too much anyway...

And all my packages are in the mail!!

Thanks Barbara, I have never been so organized this early in December!
Now just what the heck am I supposed to do the rest of the month????



  1. A lot of beautiful finishes! Love your quilting on the Guitar wall hanging. The Deer oh Deer is just lovely. I'm sure you'll find more projects for the rest of the month! ;-))

  2. Love those guitars! Pieced or applique? The car track looks great too!

  3. I think you are just a big smarty pants show off with all the things that you have finished!!!
    I am amazed at how much you have finished, and yes it is not Christmas eve yet. Are you sure you are feeling okay?
    The quilts for your sons are stunning. And so perfect for them. Love them!
    Can't believe you have finished 2 Deer quilts. Totally wonderful.
    Just waiting for a photo of your son in his chef's gear - or is he as photo shy as you?
    Love seeing your Christmas quilts on display. Very festive. What is it about decorating? I finally put up my decorations this weekend and spent more time cleaning than decorating! I suppose the good part is that both the cleaning and the decorating are done.
    That's exciting about the car quilt, too.
    So hurry up and get that Christmas arrangement done. Stop sitting around doing nothing!!

  4. I love all your quilts! It's often hard to make a quilt for a son(my poor fellow just gets traditional bed quilts) but your quilts are amazing and so custom-designed with the son in mind. Way to go! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You've been very creative in your gifting! Fun post, I loved seeing what you've been doing.

  6. Wow! I absolutely LOVE the guitar and orca projects! What a fantastic idea for a Hard Rock pin collection.

  7. Wow, what an impressive array of Christmas quilts in you studio. The sons will love their quilts too, they are just great.

  8. Those Guitars are just the best! LOVE THEM!!

  9. WOW!
    You got many thing completed! Doesn't it feel great!
    I am pleased with my completed and partially completed projects!
    You will be already now! Enjoy your daY!

  10. I know your a busy woman and I am at awe at how much you can get done in a week. LOVE Love Love the Orca. Since I'm doing the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt over at Bonnie Hunter's, I think I'll head on over to lisa's and check out this orca you did. It would make great pillow throws for the bed that get's my finished Orca Quilt. : )

  11. Man -- I'm blown out of the water by all you accomplished! Love your contemporary guitar hanging -- it's pretty cool! :)

  12. wow you got a lot done! Your sewing machine must be on fire :) Great work!!

  13. WOW! you got a lot done ;-) I am blown away by the guitar quilt.

  14. WOW!!!! There are some really incredible projects here. But that guitar quilt, it ROCKS!!

  15. I LOVE, LOVE the contemporary guitar quilt! I have been working on coming up with a contemporary man playing a guitar, but it hasn't made it past my head and a few drawings! I was really excited to see you road/car quilt! I have been drawing out some ideas of floor/game quilts and I was trying to work out something, I will check out that designer to see if their pattern can help me work out the problem in my head! thanks so much!

  16. I stand in awe of your achievements! Love the orcas.

  17. I love the guitar quilt. Two of my boys would love it too. Actually mine would probably like it better in black, white and shades of grey but it might still work! Anyway, I like the idea of leaving room for the pins too!

  18. Your guitar quilt is awesome! You sure got a lot done. Your quilts are wonderful.

  19. Girl, I am just drooling here! How do you do it all? Beautiful stuff!

  20. That guitar quilt is awesome. I also enjoy free motion quilting. You do beautiful work! Thanks for the links.

  21. I am not worthy... do you drink lots of coffee or just eat it straight out of the can? Wow! You got soooo much done. I'm inspired, a bit overwhelmed, but INSPIRED. Thanks for showing me how it can be done.


  22. Holy Smokes!! I love everything! The guitar wallhanging is so cool. Your Deer Oh Deer quilt is absolutely adorable (is this your own design?) The orcas and flowers just lovely.


  23. Oh my! Your guitars quiltie is fabulous!!! I love the way the colors are overlapping. And the reindeer and the Inuit orcas are so cool and the...and the...everything!

  24. Wow you have done an amazing job with all of your quilting and piecing. I especially love the quilting on the guitars and the Deer of Deer quilt is just my style. Great Job!

  25. I love your contemporary guitar quilt. Could you tell me which Quilting Arts book it was in? I want to see if I can track down a copy of that magazine.


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