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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When bloggers inspire

We all know just how much there is to gain thru blogging. After all, sharing is what it's all about. Quilters coming together - teaching, learning, inspiring...

My friend Karen over at Sunburnt Quilts has been making these fabulous ribbon trees.
I just kept thinking about that tub full of ribbons on the shelf. You know the one that has been there almost since the beginning of time! Well, maybe not quite that long, but...

So I dumped it out and went to work.


is born!
 I'm sure the rocking horse ribbon was supposed to be used on a baby quilt at one time or another, but what a fun tree it made with the solid ribbon. A quick online search for free rocking horse applique patterns, and I had the perfect match for my little tree.
This pattern came from Four Twin Sisters. Click HERE for your own copy.
I reduced it by about 15% to fit the size of my tree.

It was so much fun, that I just couldn't stop with just one.
Sorta like potato chips!
Now this guy!  I was happily quilting away and was more than 2/3rd done when I realized that my tension was a mess, and the top white thread was showing on the back!  ARRRRGH. So I have this great idea... I would take some tole paints and just lightly brush some black on the back. Camouflage if you may!
All was well, until it started to come thru the front. Actually it gave a kind of fun look to the thread, so I kept going. Yeah -dumb idea! It started to run all thru the front!  YIKES, did I have mess on my hands now. So I decided all I could do, to try to save the project, was to run it under water and try to dilute as much of the paint as possible, then dry it.

I know that many of you are looking at it and thinking YUCK!! But I kind of like the end results. It really shows up the quilting now, and the gray around it, toned it down and shaded it enough, that it's easier on the eye. That's my story and I'm stickin to it! hahaha    So when life gives you lemons...  hummm gray lemonade?
Ahhh, you know what I mean.

Thankfully the last one decided to play nice and go together like it was supposed to. For this guy I just found different coloring pages online and combined the gingerbread men.

So thanks Karen!  I have used up scraps, practiced my free motion quilting, and have some Christmas gifts ready to give now! 

You go girl!!
You inspire me every day! 

Now for that darn Yvonne. She  knew I was all done with my holiday projects, but nooooo... She had to go and post on her blog this adorable Christmas tree she was machine embroidering, and she mentioned a Santa too. So of course I had to take a peek at Embroidery.com (it's a PJ's in the hoop design) to she just what she was up to. Well, don't you know I had to have one too!

Now is he just not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  He's big!  But all done in the hoop. It's quite an interesting process, and very fun. I found that his pocket is the perfect size to tuck a gift card into, too. So for next year I have a plan! 
Go check Yvonne's great blog and see just what kind of trouble she can get you into too!!  http://simplysewnbyyvonne.blogspot.com/

                                 Thanks Yvonne, I love my Santa!

So share with us just who it is that has inspired you. We all love to show and tell, and nothing makes a quilter feel better than knowing she inspired someone!


  1. I have a huge smile on my face!!!! :) :) :)
    I love what you have done with the trees! They are all fantastic variations and each one looks so wonderful.
    IT is so great the way you can see so many different ideas from the one starting point.
    And now you have inspired me to continue playing with them. Thank you!
    And I love the embroidered Santa, too. He looks adorable. How big is he overall? Love the gift card idea.
    Still smiling!

  2. great trees! Love the little rocking hourses!

  3. What great projects! Love them all! And want to try them out!

  4. I love the trees...even the grey one. Very neat idea. Great projects for next year....I'm starting earlier.

  5. They all turned out wonderful! The grey one is my favorite :)

  6. Great little trees and I love how the grey one turned out!

  7. All I can say is: I envy your energy at this time of year. You go, girl! What great projects! I nominate you as the Person Who Is Most In The Holiday Spirit For 2011.


  8. Love your red Santa. I think I will need a red one with candy canes in his pockets. Love your ribbon trees too. So many fun things to try.


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