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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Put your foot in it!

So as you know, I seemed to get behind in the sewing department after the holidays. Or maybe before the holidays too. I found the cutest western boot fabric last fall and bought it to make a pair of slippers for a friend of mine, for Christmas. Fast forward to last night when she called and was coming over for a sew in!! 

Did  I remember the fabric was sitting out in plain site?  Did she zero in on it right away and love it? Needless to say I was busted, and I had to fess up that I never got her Christmas slippers done. But guilt got the best of me, and I got up early and made them up this morning. Even got them to her before she headed back home today.
Yee Haw!  There you go JoAnn, hope you enjoy em!

In case your wondering, they are from the same pattern I made my Ghastlie blog hop slippers with, McCall's 6449.
And I do have to say, they are the darnest most comfortable things you can put on your feet! (and easy to make, but I am keeping that secret to myself)

Now on a completely unrelated subject, you remember I was going to take a class on how to use my new I-phone.  Well, lets just say, it's a sign that old people should not get new electronic toys, when they drive to the wrong store to take the class.  Really?? I know the janitor thought I had lost my mind. So now instead of being on time I am actually a half hour late. But I had a phone that I could read my email on to find that out, once I figured out how to find it in my phone!! Guess I need to look for a refresher class now!

I have decided I am not a fan of old age!



  1. love those slippers,well done and lucky friend.xx

  2. WAY cool slippers! And I'm with you on the "old" thing. Not lovin' it...not a bit.

  3. Wow I have bought some slippers like those! How clever are you to make them! Love them. Linda

  4. These have to be the craziest ( and therefore the best!) boots I have seen. What a great idea. They will be so toasty warm. Great gift. No way will she ever forget you!

  5. Fabulous slippers! Fantastic boot fabric on 'boots'. What a wonderful gift!

  6. I loved the Ghastlies and I love those!! I need to get me that pattern! I LIVE in my slippers!!!

  7. I love those slippers. I just bought the pattern. My daughter-in-law will love them, but I'll have to test them out on my own feet first!

  8. Love the slippers, walked around with that number in my pocket for weeks after the Ghastlies and finally lost it. thanks for the reminder. It's right up there in the not liking getting older thing.

  9. I love the slippers, thanks for the pattern number.


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