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Monday, June 11, 2012

I took Advantage

It's been HOT here, but yesterday we were in the 60's and 70's so I took full advantage of the day to make a flannel quilt.

You see my Fon's and Porter, Love of Quilting magazine arrived the other day.

As I am flipping thru it, I spied this delightful quilt!

I've always been enchanted with Apple Core quilts, but have never took the plunge. Since these cores are a big 12 1/2" long, I decided to give it a try. Heck at best it has to be fast, right? It was!  Only 36 pieces that stitched up in a few hours.

I have some flannels that have been around for years now, so out they came. I busted thru stash, oh happy dance, happy dance!  The top, backing, binding and batting are all layers of flannel. It is a perfect weight for this quiltie!

I have a few more flannel pieces that would make great baby quilts. I am thinking about using 16 cores for them.

But that's for another day! This one is getting put away too.
It's supposed to get back into the 90's today, and I sure do not want to think about flannel! 


  1. I love your apple core quilt, never thought of not trimming off the edges, looks great!

  2. Your apple core quilt is so pretty...love your flannels!

  3. That is one terrific looking quilt. It sounds wonderfully snuggly. I've never done an apple core. How were the curves?

  4. There are definitely times when big is better. I like the idea of the size of the pieces and the number needed for a quilt. I like the way yours has turned out. Smart using a cooler day for this quilt.

  5. Looks wonderful and cozy. Another idea to try - oh my...


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