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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Putting the PIN in Pinterest

Do you have a folder (or two) full of free quilt patterns you've downloaded, that are PDF files?  I sure do. Nothing is more frustrating to me than looking at a file like this...
While I might have an idea what the file could be, do I really know what file 10091 really is????? And honestly, I have so many, files that I really have no idea what is in any of them anymore.
With all the technology that is going on, you might think that someone would have figured out how to display photos instead of the little PDF icon on these darn files, but NO. At least not that I am aware of.
So I got to thinking about that wonderful Pinterest site that I am addicted to. Nothing makes me happier than actually having all that eye candy at my finger tips. Have you found yourself surfing thru all the photos there? Gheez, can I burn a lot of time dreaming!  :-)
I could "pin" the website that the pattern is on, and give the photo a name that would match the name of the file on my computer. Gheez, how easy would that be? Instant identification!
I started with my Angies Bit's & Pieces patterns. After many hours at it, I have finally managed to get all my Angie patterns loaded into Pinterest.
I was so delighted to see just how wonderful it was to be able to see what all those little icons really were! I have reacquainted myself with many patterns and have a new found direction on what I want to work on next! Happy Dance!
Then, off to start of the mass of other patterns I seem to have felt were too good to pass up... whatever they might be!  :-) :-)
There was the hickup. Many of the free patterns the fabric companies offer us, won't allow us to pick up the photo from their web sites!  Rats, foiled again.
Do they not realize just how much more exposure they might open themselves up to, if we could actually see and share links with the free things they offer us???? Maybe one of you has an insight on this????
Please do share, if so!
So after 2 days of playing on my computer, I really don't see me making the kind of progress I had hoped for. My suggestion is to start from this point on, adding your downloads into your Pinterest account when possible. It's a great way to bookmark blog posts that you want to remember, and with Print Friendly PDF maker, it would be a good idea to go ahead and make a PDF file for your records. You never know when it might be pulled offline. If you have your own copy it won't matter. That being said though, never never share that file with anyone else. It's all a part of the copyright issues that none of us want to get into trouble with!
For those who might be a little scared of all this opening an account, having a Facebook account, etc, etc. I try to not be too concerned over privacy issues. Be smart and don't post things you don't want anyone else to know.  There are plenty of privacy blocks you can turn on in Facebook, and I don't think my pinning anything to an account on Pinterest, is going to compromise my security. I have read the ups and downs for them, and am comfortable with my choices.
Pinterest itself has been a source of conflict with folks. Be courteous, give credit where credit is due, and don't post incorrect information. It really boils down to just that. Keeping that in mind.... I suggest you go forth and prosper. At least give yourself a treat with the great eye candy out there!!  I can loose myself in the fabulous quilt patterns, delicious recipes, beautiful photos, etc etc etc.
Yeah yeah, we all know I should be sewing, or cleaning, or grocery shopping, but what the heck... it can wait til tomorrow!!


  1. So is there a link somewhere to your pinterest? So that we can join you???

  2. I can change how I display my files, in "List"it looks like yours or if I click on "Large Icons" it shows the picture of everything I have downloaded. I am using Vista.

  3. Most of my downloaded PDF quilt patterns have an image on the first page, so I change my folder view to "thumbnail" and I can see the mini-image of the quilt (or block) design then.

  4. I love Pinterest!!! Too much! I have swapped over to keeping patterns I am interested in on Pinterest, but I have not gone back through my files like you. Maybe I have to bite the bullet and do that. Oh, dear!


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