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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival

Oh don't you just love this time of the year, when we all get to see the beautiful eye candy!  You have to just love that Amy, for bringing us all together for the biggest "Show and Tell" around.  Thank you, thank you Amy for being a huge resource in our blogging community!  You know we all LOVE you!

This time of year is one of my favorites here in the US. The trees are turning and the colder temperatures are rolling in... Before you know it, winter will be here and the Christmas holidays will begin.

I got a jump on those cooler temperatures this year with my "Snowman Soup" quilt.
I fell in love with this pattern when it was released at Angie's Bits and Pieces.
Hot Cocoa and cinnamon sticks... Yummmmmmy!!
Silly Snowmen and candy canes!
All the ingredients for Snowman Soup
Kisses, did someone say Kisses?
Those delicious drops of chocolate goodness!
Hey, I can even brag now about knowing someone who makes these
things at Hershey! Yep another blogging buddy. :-)
And the fabulous jar of hot chocolate mix, complete with marshmallows.
Snowman Soup
56" x 65"
Fusible Applique
(cause I love that best)
Quilted on a domestic machine
Category: Favorite Applique Quilt
Favorite Art Quilt
Now if that just doesn't put you in the mood for cooler weather...
I am off to make me a big ole cuppa hot chocolate, and visit my other blogging friends at the festival. I sure am looking forward to make a few new ones too!
Thanks again to Amy.
Enjoy and have a great day!


  1. Such a cute quilt and adorable theme. Gotta love everything Hershey too. As for the time of year, it is really pretty but I don't like the season that comes next. Warmer weather is my friend, freezing temps aren't.

  2. Beautiful work! I love the detail on it.

  3. Adorable. I can see why you fell in love with it.

  4. Oh my goodness!
    That is so cute!

  5. Love the quilt and the theme is a hit. Anything with chocolate wins for me!

  6. What an awesome snowman quilt! What did you use to make the
    "jar".... it looks so shiny... just like glass.
    Hummm, you are right... this is a great quilt for "inspiration" of
    going to make a cup of hot chocolate :)

  7. This is too cute! I love the wintery/holiday theme without the red/green color scheme we see so much of.

  8. Your quilt is Yummy!!! it's so fun and beautifully done, and so many sweet details.

  9. Darling , what a nice job you've done. Love it. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  10. Ahh! This is adorable! Beautiful applique work!

  11. yes it does put me in the mood for hot chocolate Adorable Ann

  12. Totally gorgeous. This is a wonderful quilt. All the snowies are super cute!!
    I am inspired!!

  13. what a delightful quilt! I love Christmas quilts and this one is a winner. You did a beautiful job. thanks for sharing it with the festival

  14. Such a delightful quilt. This must be a real family heirloom.

  15. Your quilt is gorgeous!!! I love all the details!! Such a conversation piece too!! Love it!!!

  16. Oh my, how stunning! I have all the patterns saved for this and now you have inspired me to actually make some of them!! That friend really should share some of those yummy chocolate kisses with you!!!!! (And she will)

  17. Totally makes me want some hot cocoa!!!!!!


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