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Monday, October 15, 2012

Yikes, I should be ashamed

I was so excited to be asked to be a pattern tester by Sindy over at Fat Cat Patterns.
I immediately did this adorable little train for her this summer, and knew it would be perfect for a baby quilt that I was needing. Yep, it was just what I needed...
And it's done (finally). Bound and ready for delivery.
Yep it is, and only almost 3 months late!
Gheez, where has the time gone! 
And why the heck did it take me that long to quilt it???  One of those questions with no answers in life!


  1. come on, he hasn't started school yet. Is his mom a quilter? Since it is so personalized you couldn't possibly have started it before he was born, 3 months therefore is a very reasonable amount of time for such a wonderful gift.

    Does that work for you? It is a great looking quilt, I'd like it and I don't even have kids.

  2. Well, geez...I have a quilt top I made a couple of years ago, just in case...well my husband's niece had a baby on June 3 while I was moving my daughter from Tampa, Florida to the peninsula of Washington state and I didn't get home until almost July. Got it quilted, took a while to get the binding on, but it's there now, just need to get a label made and sewn on. I decided it's going to be a Christmas gift :) along with the other 8 quilts I hope to give as gifts this year. You got it finished much faster than I did, so I say you are GOOD!!!

  3. What a great baby quilt. Love the colours and the train. The nice part is that the baby has no idea the quilt is late so you are off the hook. Do you think the delay in quilting may have been something to do with how busy you have been? Hmmm........

  4. I think the parents won't mind getting this nice quilt a little late, it is lovely!


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