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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You Shoulda Coulda...

And once you see these you'll wish you woulda!!

Awhile back I showed you a sneak peak of my block for Aunt Pitty Pats Halloween swap.   The swap was complete and I got all my blocks last week!!

Here's what I sent out, for my part of the swap...
And these are what I got back!!
I love that "nose"!
Haunted House with the coolest background!
"Eek" is right with all those little eyeballs lookin at me!
Any great witch starts with a fabulous pair of shoes!
Just crazy batty & I love the metallic background!

Itsy, bitsy spider. The background on this crazy wild. It makes my eyes roll!
Give me candy!!  :-)

This block is so cool looking.

With a schnoz like that!!! She even has a bow with ghosts attached!!
Is that just the cutest??

Hoo Hoo Who-ty Owl!

Trick or treat!!

And lastly, my Boo block!
My block theme was Pumpkins and I was delighted to find this pattern in my collection of old quilt magazines. This guy, named "Happy Jack" was in the September/October 2009 issue of Fons and Porters Love of Quilting magazine. I enlarged him a bit to fit the 12 1/2" block requirement.
So like I said, "don't ya wish ya woulda????
It's not too late for the next swap.
Click HERE to hop right on over to
 Aunt Pitty's blog and get yourself signed up.
Now you know, you don't want to miss another one!
As for me... I need to put my thinking cap on, and decide how to put my Halloween blocks together...  I sure would love to hear your ideas!
Who knows, there just might be something in it for YOU!!
But I'll never tell. Well at least for a little while!
Thanks Aunt Pitty for a delightful swap!


  1. Your pumpkin block is awesome! And you have an amazing array of blocks to make a quilt. It is going to be stunning when complete!

  2. This is a great collection of blocks. Looks like a really good swap group. I look forward to seeing all the blocks together.

  3. Those are great - I liked all of them as much as the one before it

  4. OH there are spooktacular blocks! Looking forward to seeing how you put them all together! :)

  5. The link to Aunt Pitty Pat is not working :(

  6. It's funny that Halloween is my favorite holiday to stitch for when I'm not even crazy about Halloween. :) But the patterns you find for Halloween are always so cute and fun to make! I absolutely love your blocks...all of them! blessings, marlene

  7. I see a bootiful quilt made with these blocks! Just too cute not to use!!!!!

  8. That must have been so much fun to get new blocks in the mail each day. I think you should use a Ghostly fabric to sash these blocks since ghosts weren't used except just a tiny bit in these blocks.

  9. Wow! They are the greatest blocks! Love`em all!


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