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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tim the Toolman Moment

First off I want to thank all of you who responded to my quest, to figure out how to mount cars on stakes to put in a planter.  Great ideas come flooding thru and I was right on your page with them...

That was, until I made a trip to Home Depot.  There began my Tim the Tool Man Experience.  I had to chuckle at the guys when they asked what I was doing and I explained it to them. After I was told that it was almost an atrocity to deface a perfectly good toy car on a planter, they started to come around to the idea. It was like they all went into overdrive figuring out the logistics of this project.  Which is when re-inventing the wheel began...

Who knew they sold threaded metal in 3 foot lengths?
That a bag of nuts, some big washers, and epoxy glue and we were on to something.
A perfect surface to glue to the bottom of the cars. It worked like a charm.
I found an old transmission case in the never ending pile of (excuse my language) "crap" that my hubby has been storing behind the storage shed for years. Who would ever dream, that I would be the one to find a use for it.
It was a one stop shopping day for me, as Home Depot had a great selection of cactus and drought resistant plants, even at this time of the year. The special potting soil and rocks... Everything I needed for the job!
Who could ask for more?
In fact they had some really cool looking plants there.

Looks like I am going to have to find a soft paintbrush and clean up some of the plants a bit, but don't they look great? I am thrilled with the end results.
What did I learn from this???  The next time you have a wild idea, go with it. There is really nothing to lose, and Home Depot will certainly come up with some outrageous way to make it work.
Now my mind is in overdrive. The next time I found a junk machine at the "Goodwill", I just might have to figure out how to turn it into a planter. With these succulent plants, that take almost no water... 
Is that a perfect combo for many crazy planters or what?
I am delivering this planter to the guys at their new auto shop this weekend! Can't wait to see their reaction!


  1. It looks fantastic!!! The guys are going to be blown away with this!

  2. Amazing! I can't imagine what you will come up with next!
    And just out of interest - how heavy is it and how will you lift it?

  3. You are amazing. And to think I started following you because you quilted. Your talents run deep lady. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Totally awesome!!! So, how did you get the transmission case so clean??? I need to make one of these for my step-son for his graduation from college for diesel mechanics! You were really thinking outside the box on this one!!!

  5. They are so sweet, I just love the idea. And your Cactus are beautiful. You gave me great ideas.

  6. That is so cool! I like yours even better than your inspiration one.

  7. Amazing and such a fabulous idea!!! I do hope there are no little guys there who will want to play with those cars!

  8. Love that idea. My local Home Depot guy was great too for my Critter Containmet System project a few months ago.

  9. It looks amazing , such creativity ,and it will look great in the new shop!


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