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Sunday, December 2, 2012

I miss my sewing room

It seems like I have spent no time at all, in my sewing room, and I really am not liking that too much.

But I did get my Christmas Stocking for Aunt Pitty Pats swap off in the mail yesterday. 

I can't tell you too much just yet, but it is taking a very long trip to its new home, and I can't wait to see how my partner likes it!

You know, no matter how old we get, we all can appreciate the joys of Christmas! I for one have those visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!   What the heck is a sugar plum anyway?


While I may be clueless about Sugar Plums, I can in fact say, I do know about Elves. Yesterday I took a little trip up to Estes Park with a friend and saw this one cruising down the street.

That's a "yes Virginia" there are elves!! It's too bad I didn't get a better photo, he has a side car with a Christmas tree in it. Unfortunately there were no re-takes on the photo though, he was on a mission and cruised thru the stop light at warp speed!  :-)


  1. Of course your partner will love the stocking - who wouldn't, it's gorgeous!
    Love your photo of the elf. I think we should all dress like this because it really is a silly time of year!

  2. I love the elf!!! Too cute. The stocking looks like it is awfully cute.


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