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Friday, January 18, 2013

What I've been working on.

With the "Words" blog hop over, I started a new project. It was one I had no intention of doing, but after seeing all the fabulous quilts that are popping up in blog land, I was having a change of heart.

Easy Street!  I know your seen it, especially if your a Bonnie Hunter fan.  I watched the progress of everyone, and downloaded the steps as they were posted, but I still haven't finished my "Carolina Christmas" quilt yet.  That was ??? years ago now...

Enter BEAQUILTER!  That dog gone Bea. She just blew me away with her version of the quilt and I knew I was sunk!  My resolve to finish up what I had started was over!  Shame on her. (You can click on her name and see just why I was so bowled over)

So I put my head down and the petal to the metal, so to speak, and in 7 days I got my very own Easy Street done.

It's pieced, quilted and bound!! Most of the fabrics were in my stash, but I did have go purchase about 6 lime greens. Lime and purple are my favorite colors, and I was a little surprised to find that I had used all the greens up. Many of the fabrics had been in my scrap pile for years. You gotta love when you can put the last of them to rest and make room for new scraps!

Here it is already on the bed. Me thinks, it's time to invest in some wild purple pillowcases!  What do you think?

Hey Bea, my husband wants to "thank you" for not having meals for a week, and my not cleaning house, or grocery shopping, banking, bill paying, you know all those wifely things I should have been doing!!  But really now, you do have to share the blame with Bonnie Hunter, don't cha?  LOL!!!!  And I am good with it all.  Wink Wink!



  1. WOW!! it looks great..... so you used black too on the four patches? love the purple border and green binding, you are way ahead of me, and it's all DONE, it's amazing... I want to see close ups of the quilting- now you NEED to inspire me :-) you should google a french pillow case they are fun to make.. made two not too long ago.... and don't THANK me, have your husband talk to my husband, my house is the same, and we're having company this weekend AND my in laws visiting tomorrow, so I really SHOULD be cleaning toilets, vacuuming etc.... but I want to QUILT!!

  2. Pieced, quilted and bound in 7 days!?! I'm blown away! Fantastic!

  3. Wow! You are a power sewer! It looks great!!!!

  4. Holy Cow! 7 days and on your bed! I am very impressed. It's gorgeous! I am still slowly trying to get the rows sewn together.

  5. Wow! You move fast!!! From start to finish and you're done in 7 days?!? I was happy when I got my top done a week after the "reveal", but still haven't decided on borders. Love how yours turned out!

  6. WOW, that looks like a lot of work... but love how it turned out :)

  7. Hi!!! It is so beautiful!!! Love your colors!!! Wow!!!

  8. Totally gorgeous!! No wonder it hooked you in. Love the colours in this design. Yes, definitely needs something else rather than plain white pillow cases.
    PS Your hubby knows where the kitchen is!!!!

  9. You make Easy Street look easy ... and fabulous! ... :) Pat


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