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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rotten Banana

I've been busy putting my quilt photos into my Quilt Album program and updating my Pinterest. I found quite a few quilts that I have neglected to share.

It brought me back to the roots of why I started blogging. Sharing my love of photo quilting. Oh the windy roads we travel, only to come back to the beginning!

This is a photo memory quilt of the Rotten Banana!

Rotten Banana you ask??

You saw it here a few posts back. During the Dresden blog hop, in fact. In it's new and improved state though!

What do you do when your oldest proudly brings home this...
pile of primer and rust!

Gheez, was this a piece of junk or what?
Truly the best part of the entire thing was this floozy!
None the less, he proudly raced it.
But after 2 years of  tearing up, replacing sheet metal, sanding and painting

It rolled out...

to be this beauty, that deserved a memory quilt, showing all his hard work step by step. As well as his accomplishments with his beloved car.

It was not much different than building a scrapbook page, only with fabric.

Combining the Internet for embroidery designs was just what it needed.

But the big score was finding a Mustang pattern at a quilt shop in Santa Fe New Mexico.

The photos are old and the quilt is proudly hung in my son's home now. For a kid who thinks quilting is "stupid", it managed to find a way into his heart!

Ahhh, that's what it's all about isn't it?




  1. That is great, love the quilt and I know he does too. Pictures get lost, but a quilt will last forever.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous keepsake quilt. Wow! Wow! What a great job he did on that car. I know you are both very proud:)
    What year is the car? Mustangs are one of favorite cars.

  3. WOW !!!!!!! That is a stellar quilt. A true work of love. Lucky kid.

  4. Great quilt! Obviously met the goal to be loved, as most all quilts do. We once sold a bright yellow mustang. Only later that week to see it driving around town having been sprayed over with black pain evidentaly thru lace. Black lace on yellow. Our cool bright yellow car. Sad, sad.

  5. Just trying to do a quick catch up on posts. Love the way you have been able to tell the story behind the car in this quilt. And equating it to scrapbooking makes a lot of sense. Your quilt looks great and is a very special memory.

  6. Great idea and a lovely rememberance of all the hard work.

  7. you did a fab job on this quilt and a great way of sharing memories and your love of quilting

  8. Loved the quilt and the story. Brought back memories of a white Camero that somehow made its way to our shop. My sons and friends worked really hard on it and it turned out great like the Mustang. Only problem was they started it at 3 am with open headers. Boy, will that bring you out of bed.


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