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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Give a Way and...

Ahhhhh our Stamp blog hop is over, and it was so fun.  As I promised I am giving away this fun little pattern to none other than....


Just simply adore the moose and to make a trivet with it was a wonderful idea..thanks for the link. My favorite summer pastime I would ave to say, and don't laugh is eating all the wonderful fruits and veggies that we don't have during the winter months....just love it....have a great day.

None other than the fabulous Sharon!  Now you have to love someone, who likes eating her fruits and veggies!  Oh Sharon, I need to spend more time with you. My first thought was Chocolate and Cheesecake!  LOL!!!

I've sent you an email for your mailing info, and will get your pattern on it's way to you! Congratulations Sharon!

I just have to share!
get a load of this...
This is Goliat!
I really should be the spokes-person for IKEA. I just love that store.
The other day, while I was wandering thru the store, I spied this.
It's 16" square x 23" tall.
3 drawers that are about 5.5" tall each
I needed it in my home office, for office supplies, and it was the perfect height to fit under my printer...
which really needs cleared off, so I could actually print something.
(baby steps)
But as I was assembling it, it dawned on me.
What a perfect thread storage cabinet, or sewing supplies, or any of those things we all have scattered all over our sewing area.
Best yet it was only $39.95.
And it's on wheels.
My quiltin sista Ruth bought a couple of taller ones recently all her long arm thread stores in them perfectly.
Looks like another trip to IKEA is a must!
So wha-ta-ya say?
See ya there...
 Oh, and by the way, has anyone else noticed that we can still access our blog reading list thru blogger??? I thought it was going away on July 1?
I'm so confused!




  1. I'm really tired of Blogger (Google) making me feel inadequate or having the feeling they are holding my stuff hostage if I don't play along.

  2. I understood it was just Google Reader going away...not sure.
    Congrats to Sharon!!!

  3. I'm so confused too. I thought it was just me. LOL

    Congratulations to Sharon. I do like that nice storage cabinet.

  4. Hi, no Google Reader is going but they are giving everyone a three month "Sunset Period". This is what the official site says : To ensure a smooth transition, we’re providing a three-month sunset period so you have sufficient time to find an alternative feed-reading solution. If you want to retain your Reader data, including subscriptions, you can do so through Google Takeout. So eventually you won't be able to see or read them with Google Reader. Hope this helps. Susie x

  5. Ah. I too was wondering about Google Reader. Susie Q thanks for the info.

  6. Congrats to Sharon! I want to go to Ikea but it is 2 hours away wahhhh

  7. Oh wow that is me....Thank you so much now I get to pick out new fabric. I appreciate it and will send an email with my info.
    P.S. I love Ikea also! Have a wonderful holiday and thanks again.

  8. Well done, Sharon.
    I do like the look of those storage drawers. I am in the process of looking for a new sewing table/desk as my newest machine does not fit into the drop down space. These type of drawers may be useful next to it. I do enjoy a visit to Ikea!
    Blogger - who knows what is up there??


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