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Friday, September 6, 2013

MuskOx Love

                           Or was that song Muskrat Love???? 
                         It was from years ago, that's for sure!  :-)

Musk Ox or "Oomingmak" as the native Alaskans refer to them, are Ice Age animals that are well known for their "Qiviut" considered the finest wool in the world! 

I took this photo at the Musk Ox farm in Palmer Alaska.
They are some interesting animals, but this guy just caught my eye, as he was eyeing me!  It was destine to become a photo memory quiltie!
Especially once I stumbled on this gorgeous pattern for Musk Ox
Little, out shines their majesty, accept the beauty of their surroundings!
Don't you agree?

Check out this link to learn about the Alaskan Qiviut Hand Knitters.
The patterns these women knit into their scarfs are absolutely fabulous!
So little time, so much to learn...


  1. Wow. Interesting. Love the photos and the quilt:)

  2. It is one of my fantasies to someday buy myself a qiviut scarf or pair of socks -- maybe this will be the year I treat myself! It is said to be the warmest wool in the world, and I seem to feel the cold more every year! :)

  3. How interesting!!! The pictures are really lovely as is the quilt.

  4. I have never seen a Musk Ox before - in fact, I didn't know they existed!
    Trust you to turn it into a quilt.
    Wonderful work!
    Love the photos!

  5. Wow Joan, those are awesome pics! What a beautiful animal!


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