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Friday, November 15, 2013

For the Boys blog hop winner

I don't know about you, but I am sure going to miss the "For the Boys" blog hop.
Having nothing but boys in my house, it has been so much fun to see all the fun things we've come up with, to make for them. Them boys, sure can be a tough bunch!  You all, have made it just a little easier, with all the great all boy projects!
Thank you thank you!!!


My winner today is none other than # 29, the fabulous
(who has obviously lived thru boy raising too)

Your post was so entertaining and the quilt is perfect for the boys. My boy was great at making messes, too. My girl was too, though. Kids in general are the best things life has to offer, but with boys, there is never a dull moment. Thanks for the giveaway. When I made it to that fabric it made me giggle

So Carla, I have emailed you and as soon as I get your mailing info, this fun fat quarter will be on it's way to you. Psssst...You can make something to really embarrass the boys in your life!  
                                                tee hee

Another big round of applause to our Cheerleaders Amy and Madame Samm. You girls worked tirelessly to make us all a better community. I hope you know just how much you mean to all of us!  

And to my fellow bloggers, a big thanks. Nothing makes my day more than reading all your blogs. Inspiring each other, cheering each other on... You make us what we are today!  Can we really ask for more?
                                               I think not!   

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  1. OH, Joan, I have a couple of single girl friends that may be receiving some sewing love from me for Christmas thanks to you. This is such a fun fabric. Thank you for having a fun giveaway. I'll miss the boys hop. It's been so fun seeing all the masculine goodies...


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