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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PIGS (Project in Grocery Sack) Finish

I did it... I finally got back to working on those darn PIGS. Baby steps I tell you... baby steps.

Finishing this top was nothing more than quilting it. Shame on me.   It's so old, that I can't even remember anything about it. I know it was after I got an embroidery machine...

                               Wonder just what it was that inspired this one???

                               The colors are my favorites... 

and I do like the layout. 
Oh if I only knew what it was????

Regardless it's complete, which makes me very happy!


  1. Very pretty! Congrats on finishing!

  2. looks great and great embroidery! I need to do more of those for my quilts

  3. Well I can't help you out - I don't remember most of what I did this morning! But I do like the color combo too - congrats on a beautiful finish.

  4. Beautiful, congrats on finishing!

  5. Congrats on finishing a PIG!!!!!!! I have about 40 of these finished tops waiting for me to quilt...but customer quilts come first!!

  6. What a nice finish!!! The colors are beautiful.

  7. What a pretty quilt. Congrats on the nice finish and I know what you mean about baby steps.....lol Jane

  8. Well done. Another good finish. Isn't it odd when you find something from a long way back and it hardly rings any bells at all.

  9. Finished is always good. Yeah for you.

  10. Glad l dropped in on your blog via another blog...lovely work and great finish.


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