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Friday, April 25, 2014

O'Susannah's Retreat!

I was lucky enough to get invited to a quilt retreat with these 4 wonderful ladies.

Lynn, Mary, Sharon, and Ann

You know it's not every day that you go out on the limb, and invite someone you have never seen face to face. Sharon and I have known each other for 4-5 years online thru quilting boards. I've done some swaps with her and Mary, but never met them otherwise. 
It was a big leap of faith, as you never know just who is at the other end of a keyboard here in cyberspace, but WOW what a great leap it was. I felt like I had known these gals for years. 

I boarded a plane Easter Sunday to head across country to O'Susannah's Quilt shop in Watkins Glenn, NY for a 4 day retreat. Having never even been to the area, I had no idea just what to expect.

Our home away from home was up above the shop. A quaint place all decked out in Shabby Chic style.

                                           Notice those beautiful tin ceilings!

There were 3 bedrooms, 2 baths...

and a kitchen and dining room...
but the best part was the huge work area...

                                      This is only about 1/2 of it!
And an ironing area. 

We were surrounded by inspiration!
And snugly quilts to wrap up in.

I'm hoping to get some photos from the gals, and will show you just what were were up to next time!
til then!


  1. Oh that sounds like a wonderful time. Looking forward to more of the photos.

  2. Fun!! What a cute place. It's great to have friends to share sewing fun with.

  3. It looks like a great place to have fun with friends.

  4. Looks like you had a great time.

  5. How wonderful. I find that MOST quilters are wonderful, amazing, creative, understanding people. Not all, but MOST. And, oh yeah, encouraging. I stepped out on a limb for me this year and asked the president of our quilt guild what I could do to help. She said the guild needed someone to do the night education spot. We have two meetings one at night and one in the day time. The education spot is a 5-10 minute blurb about something related to quilting. I volunteered from a very selfish point of view. Last year, we lost three family members in 5 months. My ex-husband of only 7 months was found dead in his apartment. The same day, my daughter had a D&C to terminate an unsustainable pregnancy. Then less than two weeks before Christmas, my daughter's father-in-law died unexpectedly in his sleep. In my grief recovery, I have been encouraged to do something for others. So, I volunteered to do something for the guild. I had double majors in college and one was education although I chose not to teach. I do have a masters in education and did work beyond that in education. Each month someone in the guild has come up to me to thank me for doing the segment. Most have no idea why I volunteered. People tell me I seem to be a natural, etc. I am among very talented ladies. Some have their quilts juried into national shows. This month I showed how to draw you own hexagons using a ruler and compass. I think people forget we don't always have to buy a pattern or we can resize a pattern to suit our needs. I know you have no idea how introverted I am and this has helped me to at least speak to some of these ladies (and gentlemen). Many of us do charity quilting and forget the side benefits we get from quilting. I am thrilled that you had a marvelous time - I would have had no doubt. You had a beautiful venue. Thank you for sharing your trek and inspiring others of us to take a chance.

  6. This looks like a wonderful location. And you had it all to your little group? Perfect. All the rooms look lovely.
    What a great way to meet some of the people you have known but not met. Love it!!

  7. I'm so jealous! :) blessings, marlene

  8. Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures!

  9. Oh my gosh girl you were only 30 minutes away from me and looks like you had a wonderful time!! Woohoo! Isn't Sue's shop and retreat area fantastic ? I've had a retreat or two there myself. Congratulations on getting to the Finger Lakes Region -- looks like you had a blast !! Loving the work you did using Connie's tutorial -- came out beautifully. Next time you decide to retreat in New York State give a holler ok ?? and make it during the summer ;) Take care, Karen

  10. What a wonderful place for a retreat and how fun to finally meet some of them!

  11. That place is within reasonable driving distance to me. Maybe next year you'd let a few new online friends join you?


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