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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Handmaids Challenge

When Joy Studio posted a challenge, I jumped at the chance to once again work with this delightful line of fabrics. Never did I expect to be one of the first 30, but I was!  Happy Dance, happy dance.

We were send 2 fat quarters of fabric from the line, and we had to add others to the project we choose to do...   I have always wanted a cover for my long arm!   This was going to  be perfect!

The 2 fabrics I received were the black print and the yellow print, which I chose to turn into ruffles to frame one of my favorite prints from this line.  This made for the perfect front to my long arm cover.

It took some thinking and some careful measuring to make it fit over not only my machine head, but the rails on my table.

But to my delight it worked!

Years ago, I took a Gail Garber class on designing your own crazy flying geese. I knew this was going to be a great way to show off some of those wonderful tape measure fabrics that are part of this line. It accomplish that I had to draw out my cover on paper. 

From there I freehand drew out a design that I thought would work well, considering where the bars on my long arm would go thru the cover.
After that, I drew 2 more copies, one reversed, cut them out and paper pieced the geese.
(yes I did piece it all then cut away the opening for my bars)
Too much fun!

Then I added in some more of those adorable panels.

Now, I have to admit, I cheated. I should have stitched that crazy geese chain into my fabric, but no way was I going to try to make those curves!  LOL.  I stitched them down on the top and used a bias tape to finish off the edges. Oh, the true sewing enthusiasts are going to have my head on a platter!

Here is back view of this cover.  

Lastly I left a slit in the top to accommodate my thread stand. 
A couple of pieces of Velcro attach that slit together to keep it nice and snug!

There you have it... Pattern designer I am not!  LOL
                                                     But it works and I love it!

It was really fun to stretch myself, and my cover is a great addition to my little trash can and my doorstop in my studio 
From the "Sew Who Sews" blog hop!

Heck I've been so coo-coo over this fabric line and embroidery design,
 that I have done many things with it.

 Thanks Joy Studio!


  1. Oh, that cover is amazing!
    In. every. detail. :o)

  2. Good golly, miss Molly...... that is one fantastic cover! Love it....love it....love it!

  3. wow! love it! can you make me one too??? huh huh??? amazing.... what kind of long arm do you have? and it looks like you have a BIG studio.....

  4. Congratulations! What a cool cover! I especially love those geese!!!

  5. Oh, wow...great use of that very cool fabric! That cover is just beautiful! I think you were very clever with the geese. :O)

  6. That looks amazing. I love what you did with the challenge. Congratulations!

  7. There's only one word to describe your machine cover - SPECTACULAR! You are truly a visionary on this one and how happy this must make you whenever you walk into the room.

  8. Love love love it!!!! And everything else is gorgeous too!!

  9. WOW. Love all the projects but your long arm cover is over the top.

  10. What great projects! Your cover for the longarm is awesome!

  11. Wow, love your cover. The geese are amazing.

  12. I say you are an excellent designer and have truly made a wonderful cover for your long arm quilting machine. I sew love this "She Who Sews" fabric line. Congratulations on participating and creating such an amazing piece of practical art. I adore each of your creations. Joyful Bliss...

  13. Just fabulous! I love this fabric, too, and enjoy seeing all that you did with it. Those flying geese are wonderful.

  14. Love your LA cover!!! Your geese are great and I think you put them on the right way :)

  15. This is rather amazing. What a huge project. And of course you have succeeded in doing a remarkable job. It looks wonderful. (Most people would be happy making a cover for their little sewing machine - but not you!). Love all the detail you have included but I think my favourite part is that string of flying geese. You have definitely done justice to the fabric with all your wonderful work.

  16. Wow Joan! This still amazes me. What a fantastic cover, I just love it. Yes, a pattern designer you are it appears. I am delighted to see this post and all of the projects you've created. And I feel so privileged to have my design on you and your friends bags. I'm sharing your blog post in the morning at Facebook's Handmaids page: https://www.facebook.com/HANDMAIDSGreatJoyStudios

  17. Really fabulous. I love it. I want to make a cover for my longarm too but haven't had time lately. Maybe you'd be willing to share the dimensions and how you did it? Pretty please.


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