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Saturday, May 3, 2014

O'Susannah's Part 3

It was my turn for a mystery project for them, and I also turned to our fabulous fellow bloggers.

Aunt Polly's Porch
You see a few years back, Polly posted a great tutorial for a Scrappy Messenger Bag
You can find it HERE 

It's not the first time I have used this pattern 
I made a photo bag for a friend a few years ago.

But when I came across these Handmaids fabrics and embroideries over at Joy Studio,
I just had to have them...all!
The embroidery was perfect for a messenger bag.

Heck it was so much fun, that it was perfect for a second bag too!

I flipped thru this great little reference tool that I bought a few years back...

102 blocks in 5 different sizes. 
It just doesn't get any better, with all the variety.
I found a simple little Churn dash block for our back pocket.

Remember these snap tape bags from the She Who Sews Blog Hop?

They were perfect to slip an embroidery in and some of the supplies each needed to complete their messenger bags at retreat!

Then we went to work...

We worked until we just got too silly to go on.
And silly we got, even before the wine...

 Do these girls look fabulous with their new bags?
I think so!

The down side of this whole adventure is that its another year away til the next retreat!
Now how many sleeps is that?
Too many I am afraid...too darn many


Well, on second thought... 

After seeing this, I had to wonder why these lovely ladies would sneak around with a camera and take this photo.
Next year I am combing my hair before I go for the coffee! 

 I share the good the bad and the ugly.
Lord knows this picture is "all" of that wrapped up in one.


  1. That is a great project for the group, love the snap bags. And the picture of your hair truly captures the freedom and true attitude of the retreat. Fun, fun, fun.

  2. You certainly felt comfortable with your fellow quilters.

  3. What fun bags and I like it when we get too silly to work anymore...those are wonderful times.

  4. What fun!! And perfect timing for me. Just this week I decided to search through my patterns to find a messenger bag to make for a friend who needs a replacement bag very badly!! I forgot I had bookmarked this tutorial, and it's perfect. It won't be a fanciful as your bags, but it will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  5. lloks like you all had a great tme. Love the bags and the embroiders just finish them off.

  6. They look fabulous!! Our group is getting together tomorrow...hope we have as much fun as you guys!!

  7. Great job. The bags look fabulous!

  8. Looks like so much fun. THose bags are wonderful.

  9. You come up with so many wonderful ideas. These bags are great fun. I think I may have to look at that bag tutorial.

  10. Fabulous Bags with my favorite theme..."She Who Sews". Such a great group of women all sharing Creative Sewing Bliss...

  11. So much fun - and so many wonderful memories! blessings, marlene


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