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Saturday, July 5, 2014

I Caved In...

I was trying to be strong. I did my best to ignore it, but...

The Quilt Show hooked me again.  You know that wonderful site that Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson share. I was a member for many years, but hadn't watched an episode in so long, that I decided it was time to let it go. 

All was well, until I got a peek at the BOM this year.  It was just so adorable. 
Designed by Janet Stone

I just went crazy over it, but I had plenty on my plate, so I pretended that I never saw it.
I still get their newsletters, so I was reminded of it all the time.
I stayed strong!

Until of course last week, when they put me over the edge.

Jacqueline de Jonge has long inspired me.
She does the most incredible paper pieced quilts, in the most sinfully delicious colors.
 I've longed to do one of her creations, but they are so involved.
Well, "The Quilt Show" thru me into a tizzy, when they decided to have a 3 month long
tutorial on how to make one of her fabulous creations. 
 "Becolourful Quilt"
This lady sure knows how to make "color" sing!

So out came the credit card, and I was renewing my membership to The Quilt Show again!


I have been holed up in my sewing room (with the air conditioning cranked on high) for 3 days now.

Yes, I am happy to say, that I am all caught up on my BOM!  
Or at least till I stepped back and took a closer look at it.

The first thing I did was to pull fabrics when I printed my patterns.
They provided a great reference sheet just for it.

I was pretty happy with how my blocks were coming out with these fabrics.

Accept this guy.  It's the colors I chose, but he sure didn't play well with others.
I just couldn't seem to warm up to him, so he had to go.

I think the new and improved colors work much better, don't you?

Now I have to just sit and wait til a new installment of the BOM, comes next month.
That's a long time to wait!

But on the upside, I ordered the paper piecing pattern for "Becolourful Quilt",
and they should ship next week!


Anyone else planning to dive into this one?

Oh and if your not inspired enough... 

It's "Christmas in July" over at Angies Bit's and Pieces

I've been a member of Angies for years!  
During the month of July, she posts a new Christmas pattern daily.

Here's the line up, so far!
Too cute, huh?

It's well worth the membership, for her darling designs.

I think I am going to start on the reindeers tonight!
After all, Christmas is less than 6 months away...



  1. Well, I can certainly see why you caved withe these beautiful pattern temptations. I have never been a member but I have enjoyed all the Quilt Show eye candy in the worldwide online quilt show. I love the results of your three days in your personal quilty cave. You need the AC on in Alaska? Now there is an eye opener for me. I have had to run the AC here in the northeast for days. Today it is sunny, dry, breezy and beautiful in the wake of the tropical storm dashing by out to sea. Your blocks look wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more ... :) Pat

  2. The Becolourful quilt is really something. Wow.


  3. They are all beautiful!!! But Christmas??? Lol, I see why you were temptd!!

  4. HI!!!! Your quilt is wonderful!!!!! I love it!!!! And OH!!! Those little reindeer are calling my name!!!!! How cute are they!!!!!! Can't believe how close to Christmas it is....wasn't it just winter a few days ago?!!!!!

  5. Your quilt is coming along beautifully. The original P block colors would probably worked out better for a corner block. Your new choices are wonderful.

  6. Oh, oh OH! I love that paper pieced quilt. I wish I could call myself an intermediate paper piecer...it is absolutely stunning! Your quilt is coming along very well, and really, must you tempt us already with Christmas...we are just finally settling into summer LOL

  7. So many projects....so little time!!! You must be in heaven with all of that lovely sewing.

  8. I absolutely do not know how you get sew many projects done and in such beautiful style. Your quilting is stunning! Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...

  9. Oh your BOM is fabulous and I've been looking at the Becolorful Quilt too...ugh...I'm probably going to have renew my subscription! :)

  10. Now I know what you have been up to on your days off!! What a wonderful quilt. Looking great and I can see why you made the colour changes. Now I am looking forward to seeing the be Colourful quilt, too.
    Love the reindeer design you are planning to do as well as the snowmen. Will have to look at those.

  11. The Be Colourful Quilt is stunning! I am NOT going to play along... I HAVE TO finish some things before I start anything new. But I'll be watching to see the progress you make on yours.

  12. scrumptious work....I don't anyone who is more prolific than you....it takes me sooo long to do a quilt, I think I have only done 3 this year....and you can do that much in a month...my hats off to you....I love the idea of the template for fabric design...very cool.. your quilt is coming along perfectly too.

  13. Gosh can see why youd sucker for the alphabetty BOM - its going to be stunning!
    Love the reindeers too lol too cute

  14. What a neat BOM Joan and I'm like you.....love Jacqueline de Jong's work! I like the lighter green in the P block too!

  15. You make me SMILE....I have been collecting that wonderful BOM from The Quilt Show/Janet Stone since the start...yes...collecting each month...safely stored...now and then I read over the patterns...one day...I might even START it...LOL

  16. Oh so understandable. Sometimes resistance is futile. I really like how your BOM is coming along.


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