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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do you really "see" what you look at every day?

I was sitting out on the deck as the sprinkler was watering the yard, and it occurred to me. I never really see what I look at every day.  It's the same ole yard that I have to mow, water and weed. Blah, blah, blah, blah...

But suddenly it hit me. Do I really ever take the time to truly see it? NO!  So I grabbed my camera.
Yep that's the boring ole sprinkler

But look how the water droplets dance on the grass

I really never noticed that before.

The birds sure had their eye on the water.
 This tree was full of them, til I pointed my camera their way!  
(Of course)

Hibiscus are in full bloom.

This one, the flowers are a full 6 1/2" across 
and about to be joined my many more blooms!

Then, I was marveling at how my ornamental fruitless tree, 
some how did not get the message.

Crabapple's. Hubby was telling me all about how I can make Apple Cider out of them. 
I told him it sounded fascinating. 
He should let me know how it goes, once he does it.
I think that's the end of that subject!


This monster size snake came crawling out from the tree, and this one here screamed like a little girl and took off running as fast as my feet could take me.
Ah, there are no photos of that for obvious reasons!

Ok, the snake was about 1/4"-1/2" in diameter and about 18" long!
That's a monster, right?
It could have been a 12' boa constrictor or python they way I screamed.

In fact, I was sharing this story with my friend Kathie over at Prairie Cottage Corner.
and this is what her response was to me...

Snakes probably get an inflated idea of who they really are by the reactions we give them. You made that snake’s day. He probably went right out and ate the biggest grasshopper he could find. If he could have given his best friend a high five, he would have done it.

Your so right Kathie.

What I learned from all this is, if I had kept my crazy butt in the sewing room, none of this would have happened!   Seeing your surroundings isn't all it's cracked up to be some days!



  1. Such a wonderful recap of your day. I am sorry you didn't catch a picture of the snake, ok i'll admit I would love to have seen you trucking across the yard. The pictures of the water are amazing, great job on capturing the moment.

  2. lol....I did almost the same thing. Scared to death of small garden snake that crawled out from under the large rock I was sitting on! Screaming and yelling, I almost fell running to the house. Thanks for sharing your day....and the giggles over it all.

  3. Too funny! I screamed when I got stung by a bunch of wasps last year. I'm not afraid of snakes though.

  4. See what happens when you are let loose outside on your own!!
    Get back inside and sew!!

  5. the comments are as funny as your adventure LOL

  6. Loved your story of the snake and the pictures even more. I've spent many hours in the yard weeding this week but thank goodness no snakes. One lizard. And he was so fast I couldn't have gotten his picture if I'd wanted! blessings, marlene

  7. Oh, I'm laughing so hard. Hey, my grandmother used to have a crabapple tree and she made spiced apples from it. Those were the best little apples, when they were spiced. Now, where did that recipe go? Raw, those little spheres are impossible to eat, even when ripe. But Granny spiced them whole and added a lot of red food coloring so they were very pretty. Anyone else remember that?

  8. I like snakes but you do need to give them some respect. I'll bet you'll pay more attention in your back yard now! As a young girl at camp a snake came out of the bushes as I was walking along the trail. I screamed but was too scared to move. Big snake too. Over 3 feet long. Took a while for all of him to come out of the bushes. When his tail finally emerged there was a bird following him and pecking at his tail. Neither of them paid me no nevermind.

  9. Oh I was enjoying reading about your discoveries and seeing your gorgeous pictures right up until you wrote that S word, the one that talks about slithering things, the things I absolutely can't stand at all. Just the word can give me nightmares. Anywho I just quickly slid down to the comment box to tell you that I at least enjoyed reading some of this post. The rest I totally skipped over. I didn't want to find out what happened next.


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