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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I'd get so much more stitching done, if I would just stay home from time to time!   LOL!!

But the colors are at their peak this weekend, and tomorrow a storm is predicted to come thru and put a quick end to them all, so a road trip was in order.

What did I learn from this little excursion...be careful who you ask to go along. My youngest loves nothing more than horsing around.

His idea of taking photos was to open the sun roof and shoot as we drive.
He tells me it's a great photo and all we need to do is crop out the car!

And he got the "look"
I couldn't help it...it comes naturally to me!

But seriously though, it was breath taking

We drove the Peak to Peak Highway between
Central City and Estes Park.

The Elk in Estes Park put on quite the show.

Kind of made me want to break into a rousing song of 
Splish, splash I was takin a bath...
You know just to yank young sons chain! 

If there hadn't been so many people around...

I just might have!
I must say, there is nothing better than a great fall day, to put me in the mood to break out all those luscious Autumn fabrics and start stitching.



  1. Beautiful Autumn colors along your road trip. Too funny about "your look". Creative Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  2. What beautiful photos! Enjoy the changing leaves....they will be gone soon! Our are just starting to turn.

  3. How beautiful. Estes Park is one of our favorite places to visit too.

  4. Beautiful photos. Now I've got an idea of your image, too! I went to a grandson's first two flag football games on Saturday. During the entire event, there was music (mostly oldies) playing. I thought it was odd that it was loud throughout the football park while games were being played (7 and 8 year olds). They have enough concentration. We had an hour between games and just stayed at the park. It was great to watch people gyrating to the music. Even the other grandma got her foot to tapping. Thanks for sharing the fall photos - it's my favorite season because I know winter not summer is approaching. The weather is typically lovely as we loose lots of 100 degree days and in the eastern part of Oklahoma we do get fall foliage colors. It's just later.

  5. Wonderful photos.....of course you needed that leaf fix on such a perfect fall day.

  6. Gorgeous pictures - yeah, the car top will crop right out!! I love embarrassing the kiddos :) they embarrass so easily!! You need to snag these days when you can - sewing can wait, the autumn colors can't!! Looking forward to what this weekend inspires from you!!

  7. I love autumn colors but won't see any this year. I have to experience it through pictures.

  8. Fabulous! I'm sooo jealous. I miss the changing seasons and colors so much. We are still hot here in Texas. All my plants are in their "second spring" bloom. Gah!

  9. Joan I can't believe you were in Estes Park - when was this? Yesterday? We've been camped in Estes for 10 days and are leaving tomorrow! blessings, marlene

  10. It would have been neat if you and Marlene had been able to hook up. I can't believe you all have that much color allready. Here in Kentucky the color is just beginning to start to show. I live surrounded on three sides by Jefferson Forest. So even though I going to try and keep sewing I won't miss the beautiful colors. Thank for sharing yours, it makes me more aware that it is that time. Don is just now starting to cut firewood. Can't wit for that first fire.
    Be safe and Blessings

  11. You made the right choice to enjoy the day with your son! Great photos.

  12. Why would you stay home when there is such stunning scenery out there? I must plan one of our trips at this time of the year. Now it sounds to me that your younger son knows how to stir you up quite well --- wonder where he learnt to do that?? I am surprised you didn't break into song just to pay him back!!
    Love seeing all the wildlife, too. Never get tired of that!

  13. I would have thought that the audience would have been just what you needed to push you over the edge into song. Or does son do "the look" too?

  14. Love the look. lol WOW, if only I could have put off my Colorado trip til now. Maybe next year. Great pictures of the Elk. I'm always amazed how they just hang out up there with all the humans. Thank you for sharing the Autumn colors.


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