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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enchanted Lavender Clearing

I have never claimed to be an art quilter, but this piece pushed me towards the proverbial light, so to speak.  I racked my brain to figure out where the pattern came from, and finally found it in my sewing room. It came from www.Ericas.com, but I see it is no longer on her site. Could it be that is because I finished this project in 2008.  

The embroideries are a Sue Box design, called Enchanted Fairy Treasures.

I can tell you,  there are many different elements to this quilt. Embroidery, fabric painting, ribbon work, free motion quilting... So very much to play with. The green ground and tree is actually cheese cloth that was fabric painted and stitched down. It gives a wonderful visual texture to it.

Erica is the designer of this treasure, and I have to wonder if she would consider getting it out of her archive if there was enough interest??? It wouldn't hurt to ask if your interested!

          This was a gift for my dear friend and Fairy Fanatic, Kelly.



  1. Wow...that is so pretty and such great ideas...painted cheese cloth...how cool is that!

  2. This is beautiful!!! Yes, I am sorry to say - You ARE an art quilter!!!! ;-)

  3. Joan, this is absolutely gorgeous! It is a work of art indeed.

  4. A very pretty work of art! You did a lovely job on it.

  5. Definitely a lot of work in this one!!


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