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Friday, November 7, 2014

Have You Ever Stitched Candy Bags?

I know it sounds crazy, but with fusible vinyl, you can stitch just about anything!

It started with a coin purse that I had seen online...
Then it grew and grew!
Actually it was all the fault of those after Halloween sales on M&M's that started it.
Big bags for 70% off. 
If I could sew a little bag into a coin purse, why not a project bag with the big one?
I even had the perfect M&M Trick or Treat fabric that had been in my stash for years.
I think it was met to be.

Adding the cute little machine embroidered zipper pulls was just the finishing touch they needed!

Some call me crazy, and yep, they are right...
but others called and asked me to teach a class in a few weeks.
Watch out girls I'm coming!



  1. Pity...I betcha those M & M's are alllllllll gonnnneee. Great project bag though!

  2. can't figure out which part I like best the wonderful bags or those stellar zip pulls, one is cuter than the next. It should be a sell out class.

  3. Really? Just paper candy bags and fusible vinyl? You are so clever. :) Sure wish I was close enough to take your class. Sounds fun.

  4. So cool! I think I have some fusible vinyl around here somewhere....now to get some bags!

  5. What a fun idea!!! Where did you get those zipper pulls?

  6. I am always available for the candy! That is sure a cute idea and your zipper pulls are fantastic.

  7. These are so much fun. And i think your class making these will be full of fun and mischief, too.

  8. I am lost for words. Candy wrappers with zips. Incredible!


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