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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dashing Thru the Sew

Yes, you read that right, it is called dashing thru the sew.  
(although as I type, the flakes are starting to fall)

You know those last finishes, before we are all in full holiday swing.

This is a pattern I bought in Houston this year called "Surprise".
It looks like a normal little scrappy quilt, but inside is the surprise.

When you fold back the flaps, just what do you see.
A Strawberry Shortcake peeking back at me.

Along with an array of other goodies.

An eye spy sort of quilt. 

 Are these just the cutest?

What a great teaching tool. 

Besides a fun little quiltie...

It makes a great play mat

For those little ones, who are just learning...

I see memory games, color recognition...
So many things.

It's a great way to use those fun little novelty prints we collect.

And a fun stash buster.

As I was stitching this one, my mind was spinning. With a little piece of added Velcro
on each block, you could attach numerous things to them.
(For older childen of course)
Numbers, shapes, colors...
Heck, you could even add embroidered pieces in themes your child loves.
A pocket on the back to store them all in...
So many ideas so little time!

Where's the moose you ask?
He's right here!

Hope all of your are about done with your "sew"
As for me...I keep saying it is, but then, something new happens!
All I know for sure, is that after the holidays are over, I am going to be making up more of the blocks with my novelites and keeping them till the need for a new quiltie arises. You know, a bit of pre-planning!
Tee hee!


  1. This is just adorable! Of course there has to be a moose hiding for a bit of peek-a-boo.

  2. What a fun "interactive" quilt!!

  3. And I have to make one of these! No grandkids yet, but those years aren't far off, so these things are starting to catch my eye. :)

  4. HOW cute! I just made a little I Spy bucket myself (which didn't take NEARLY as long as this quilt, I'm sure). Where on earth did you get that Strawberry Shortcake fabric??? My daughter LOVES Strawberry Shortcake right now, and that fabric is adorable!!

  5. Such a cool quilt and I'm so glad the Moose was included. The potential is amazing.

  6. Can you imagine doing something like that for a Christmas advent calendar?? Peak inside to see the fun pictures! If hanging on the wall, you could always pin little things inside too. BAH! Too cute. And thanks for the link to eQuilter - there are some amazing fabrics! I have to look cautiously, because looking will lead to wanting to buy everything!

  7. This is such a fun quilt. I love the way it works. You do find great ideas. So glad there is a moose in there!!!

  8. Absolutely darling! Thanks for sharing!


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