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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Strip Quilting Drunkards Path

I just can't "seam" to get away from using up every scrap of fabric I come across. My inspiration was a tub of  strings that I had, and an search online for Drunkard Path designs.

It was really very simple, I just constructed pieces out of various size strips, large enough to cut out the shape I needed with my Strips and Curves acrylic templates. I kept building my fabric base as I was cutting out the pieces. That way even the smallest was usable.

It's said, that quilting makes the quilt.

That proved to be the case here.
This is a pantograph done by Deb Geissler (www.debrageissler.com) and is called Juvenile Jungle-Monkey, Hippo, Tiger and Zebra.
Deb designs fabulous designs, but she is really geared towards those with electronic long arms. As for me, I am the old fashioned paper panto quilter, and yes this was quite the challenge, but one that was well worth the blood, sweat and tears when it was done!  :-)  Really it wasn't all that bad, I guess, I survived it! 

I do have to say, I love looking at it and all that glorious quilting. Who knew when I bought that jumbo cone of wild orange thread, that I would ever really find a use for it!  It was one of the first cones I bought after I got my longarm. It was on sale for a great price. Bet you can't guess why!!! 

Hope your inspired to dig out those scraps and turn them into treasures!


  1. I have seen the strips used in the Drunkard's Path blocks but not on the outer piece like you did. Very interesting.

  2. Wow. That orange thread really pops and shows off your design.

  3. love how this turned out. the strips are wonderful. The quilting is terrific. I like that thread.

  4. LOVELY! funny I was JUST thinking about my GO drunkards path die and that I wanted something strippy and scrappy like this, now I need my thinking cap on again...

  5. This is an amazing way to use up scraps. The quilt looks great. And I love the quilting and the thread!!

  6. this s gorgeous, thanks for the inspiration and for sharing.

  7. Beautiful quilt Joan and it combines 2 of my favorites....strings and the Drunkard's Path block! That little monkey is a cute quilting design and is your thread variegated orange?

  8. Good for you. That block isn't one that is my friend but I'm glad it is yours.

  9. What a gorgeous and fun quilt. I'm like you and have to use all the bits of fabric too.


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