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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Check that one off the UFO list

Thanks to my friend JoAnn, I get to remove this one from my list of PIGS (projects in grocery sacks).

This quilt has been pieced for years, but somehow, never made it to the long arm.

A few years back, I talked my friend JoAnn, into taking my old HQ frame. The very first one that came out for home machine quilters. That one you taped down to a table top and set your domestic sewing machine on. I was so captivated with it at the time... but the frame was not very sturdy and was less that great to work with.  JoAnn had an interest in quilting, but wasn't quite sure...after playing on it a bit, her hubby worked over the frame and made it stronger, but she soon grew out of it.  Now 4 machines later for her... (it's not my fault JoAnn),  she is a fabulous free motion quilter. I have never really navigated out of pantographs on my longarm, so yes, I can say I'm a little jealous!

 Look at all this gorgeous quilting...

I love the flowers with the cross hatching in the centers.

And all those fun little pebbles!

 All topped off with these cool funky feathers in the border.
You can see just why, I jumped at the chance when she was looking for a quilt to practice on.  LOL!!

  So JoAnn, if your reading this...I've got more on my list of things to do!

                                                   Hint hint!
                                                Your the best!


  1. Very pretty! Feels good getting those projects in limbo done:)

  2. Beautiful!!!!! I am reading the how-to's on quilting, but so far have not bite the bullet - but this is inspiration for sure. Stunning!!! Love what she has done - like said, beautiful!!!

  3. Great quilt. The quilting is such fun. What a great and talented friend.

  4. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting design as well. NICE

  5. The piecing and the quilting are both gorgeous!! I love what she did with that design.

  6. oh beautiful!!! Move your quilt, and the quilting is fantastic. I do wish I could quilt pebbles like those ones

  7. Who wouldn't say yes to that. Fantastic finish!!

  8. that quilting is great, YOU NEED to try it.... try on a donation quilt or an UGLY quilt, you can do it!!

  9. She did a great job and it turned out fabulous.


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