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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tea for Two Blog Hop

      Tea for two...just me and you, and you, and you...

And none of it would be possible, without the talents of Cori
from Chitter Chatter Designs. 
Thanks Cori, for such a versatile and fun design.

And then there is Ms Mary...
The best cheerleader on the block.
She kept us organized and updated.
We couldn't have done it without you Mary!

None would be possible without our fearless leader Madame Samm.
Her inspiration and motivation is like none other!

Tea for two sounds so elegant doesn't it?
Unless of course you live in the MooseStash.
Not much elegance going on around here!
 It's more like bulls in a china shop...

 And what about that ole saying...
Can't make a silk scarf from a sows ear???

OK, so they aren't silk scarves, but stocking will do!


All this embroidery is pretty new to me... 
and they say practice makes perfect.
While I have yet to reach that perfection stage...
I do think its improving.
Baby steps they say...baby steps!

I have found that printing off my patterns onto a
 dissoluble stabilizer, is the only way to go, for me.

I get mine from Marathon. (it's linked for you)
Half the price for twice the product.
I prefer the rolls over the sheets. I can cut off what I need instead 
having to waste an entire sheet if my project is small.
Once it's stitched, you just soak it in water and it all goes away, anyway.
Who knows, if you spent a little or a lot on that stabilizer!
I'm toying with trying it on a cross stitch project next!
Wouldn't it be great, if you didn't have to count all those little stitches!
You never know until you try...

 Wrapping this up...
The reality of life around here, looks a lot like this...

And in the MooseStash...

This is our tea of choice.
If you love the taste of black licorice like I do...
That's no April foolin'
Now hop on over and see what's brewing at my fellow bloggers place!

April 1st
Doris guest posting at Sew We Stitch

 Happy Hoppin!



  1. Love your stitching. Those tea cups are gorgeous! We are just about to try that soluble stabiliser on some linen. It looks quite easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great stitching, great post, even nicer props. ( what is a moose without tea)

  3. Well.. it looks to me like you've been doing this embroidery thing for a while. Great job on all! I like the simplicity of one color to make the subjects stand out. NIce job!

  4. Very nice...and I love thwt tea flavour!!

  5. Love love love that pig. :) And you've got some great stitching going on too. :) blessings, marlene

  6. I love your tea towels. Handwork is so relaxing (to me) and though it seems to go slowly, soon the project is complete - what a great feeling. :)

  7. Tea towels are a wonderful idea for this fun pattern. Your stitches look great and I enjoyed reading your post. I am going to have to try that licorice tea.

  8. What a great product! I have never heard of that...and YES! Your stitching is wonderful!!! Keep GOING!
    Thank you too, for filling in for me today. :)
    Hugs!!!! GREAT JOB! I love your Tea towels!

  9. Printing the design on the disolvable stabilizer sounds like a great idea. I love what you did with the design. It looks so pretty on the towels ....almost too pretty to use. You did a great job.

    Of course, my prescheduled post did not post! Grrr.

  10. Your towels look beautiful with your stitches that look great to me! I'm still working on that embroidery perfection thing and have a long, long way to go. I think that I need that dissolving stuff because I really don't like the outlining part of embroidery. Let me know if it works for cross stitching!

  11. Wow Joan, these towels are just lovely....and what a nice idea to print them out. This looks like a great product with nice results, thank you for the heads up. As for your tea....that is also one of my favorites. I am a licorice lover too, and that one is wonderful. I may have to take a trip to the store. I had forgotten how much I liked that one. A nice visit today, thanks for playing along with us!

  12. I got a good laugh at Mr. Hog and your description of the lack of elegance. Yeah, no elegance here either. I am more apt to drink tea from a travel mug than a teacup--if I drink tea at all! But I just love the whole thought of "afternoon tea" and you convey that elegance quite well on your towels. Thanks for sharing your projects and the dissolving stabilizer. I'll check that out.

  13. I went over and read about the dissolvable stabilizer but didn't see any directions for printing on it. Does it come with directions or is there a magic trick to make it work. ;) I have many questions and I am sure others do to. You aren't by any chance planning a tutorial are you?

  14. How very clever of you to print out the pattern on dissolving stabilizer. I don't do well with the tracing method so I shall need to look into this. Your stitchery projects are very sweet. Tea for Two with Licorice would be delicious. Thank you sew very much for Tea for Two hopping and participating. Creative Tea Bliss...

  15. Your stitches look perfect to me! Thank you for sharing the stabilizer you used. I have used a different brand, but it only comes in sheets plus it wasn't very user friendly.

  16. Just beautiful on those towels! Great idea using that stabilizer. I will have to check into that.

  17. I think you are doing just fine with your stitching. Looks great to me. And I think that moose approves, too.
    Lovely post for the hop!!

  18. Go on stitching, you are doing well and it is sooo relaxing! Good idea to use that stabilizer, I did not know Marathon up to now !

  19. Your stitching looks great! Just keep on keeping on... one stitch in front of the other. :)

  20. Your stitching and towels are lovely!

  21. Great "TEA" towels. Your stitching is lovely, the idea about using stabilizer is great too. Thanks

  22. Love your towels. Nothing wrong with your stitches, I think the moose approves too!


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