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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Wanderers...who knew!

Here's a little Moosestash History!

You've seen it on my header...

One of the first quilts to enter the MooseStash, after it was founded.


I don't usually purchase kits, but when I saw this one at the "Russian Taylor" in
Skagway Alaska, I threw that rule out the window.
Say it's the batiks...
who doesn't love them?
Say it's the colors...
so delightful and warm!

All I know is, it followed me home...
Who knew, it would become my "mascot" some day!

How do you like this photo?

I upgraded my photo program to ACDSee Pro 8, and did a little playing.
Wow, how I wished I had done this quilt a little differently.
Who knew that this program would allow me to see things
in such different ways.

The lesson here, is never say never!
Who knows where tomorrow will take you.


  1. How interesting! Are you going to remake it????

  2. "Never" seems to happen fairly often. I don't know anything about your photo program but your original quilt is stunning. I am finding I love batiks for sew many reasons. Summer Smiles...

  3. I love that quilt and it is gorgeous in the batiks! I'm with Mary...are you making another so you can do different quilting on it? :O)

  4. Love the original photo. Not a fan of the new upgraded photo. Maybe it's a setting that needs to be tweaked.


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