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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BeaQuilters Peanuts BOM #8

It's Lucy van Pelt

She joined the gang on March 3, 1952.

Linus's older sister...a crabby, malicious and moronic girl who likes
to torment other often, especially Charlie Brown and her own
brother Linus. She's the worst baseball player on Charlie Brown's team.

If your thinking she really is like me...
just remember I don't play baseball!


A big thanks to BeaQuilter
You can read more from here right HERE 

Of course it's all possible thru the generosity of Alida and her wonderful 
paper piecing patterns. See more of there right HERE


  1. That is so cute. Love the green shoes.

  2. I've loved the Peanuts series. So cool with the "birthdays" and all. Hope you're staying out of the rain!

  3. Lovely! You really captured her spirit! Great job!!


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