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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Row by Row Experience

Have you all caught the bug?

I have been traveling and collecting,
and finally I sat myself down...

and started sewing. 

These 3 were kits that I purchased. I love the top row. It's my all time favorite from Fringe in Salida Colorado. It was a very pricey little kit, but there was a LOT of extras included to make it pop.
My only issue is that the water is running up and down. They really should have cut the fabric the other direction. But even so, I love love love this row.

The middle one is my second favorite. It's from Ladybugz Quilt and Company in Montrose Colorado.
Only improvement this could use, is a big ole moose wandering thru.

The bottom is from a wonderful little place in Delta Colorado, called Bold Line Quilts and Crafts.
It's not a store front, but in an outbuilding at the owners home.
Oh, how my heart sang. I would love nothing more than being at home 
with a shop of my own!
She was a real over achiever. She designed 2 rows.

I am seeing so many darn cute rows, that I want to be able to travel the entire country 
collecting...but our days a limited now. Sept 8 it is done.

I was so hoping that I would get a chance to hop thru Kansas, they have some fabulous
rows.  It just isn't going to happen. :-(  Work "seams" to get in the way.
If anyone lives in Olathe Kansas and would be willing to pickup a kit for me from Quilters Haven, I would love you forever. I also, am just in love with the one from Country Quilting and Keepsakes in Oberlin Kansas. Email me, and I promise to make it worth your time!

Happy Stitchin!



  1. Last season I went and hop for my SIL in the east coast. It was so much fun getting her all the plates from each shop.
    You row by row is beautiful.

  2. your rows are wonderful. Sorry I am not going to Kansas. I am still working on the rows I collected from last year, but a few that I have collected for this year are calling my name. It is a great experience.

  3. Your rows look great! I know they can be pricey; a friend picked up 2 kits for me in Arizona, cost $56 for the two! I saw one that had an embellishment kit you could get and it was over $50. Crazy. I do have the kit from Quilter's Haven. They were out of the license plate, but expecting more, and are supposed to send it when they get them. I would be willing to sell the kit to you, when I get the plate. Have you been to their shop? It has soooo many batiks!

  4. Those rows are just wonderful. We're going through Kansas next month, but it will be after the 8th. Sorry.

  5. The row by row is sew much fun. I have several from shops here in So Cal and plan to get a couple more on our trip to Wisconsin next week. But the rowsI really want are too far to travel. Wouldn't it be fun if there was a row exchange added to the experience?

  6. I haven't been tempted to do this. I love your rows!!! I have a good friend who won for her row by row. I am trying sooooo hard not to start new projects and finish these numerous UFOs. hope you are cooler than AZ. I am melting here......

  7. Love the one from Montrose....will have to write a friend in Telluride and see if she can pick it up for me!

  8. Great rows. Sounds like some fun adventures too:)

  9. I love those rows, but my favorite is definitely the bottom.. I so wish I was in the states, I would be manic over row by row.. :)


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