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Friday, September 4, 2015

Last of the Row by Row Experience

Yesterday I headed to Golden Colorado,  for the last of my Row by Row Experience patterns. 

We were shopping away, when this car pulled up front. Normally I wouldn't notice anything like that, but you could hear it coming.

Now I'm no car girl, but I knew by the reaction of people on the street, this one was special.

When we left the shop, someone told us this was a 2 million dollar car.

Another lady made comment that she had parallel parked in front of it and didn't even hit it. I thought I was being funny when I suggested that maybe she should try again!   Man O Man, did I get a dirty look!
Apparently not everyone gets my sense of humor.

I immediately took a photo and texted it to my oldest son, who knew right away that it was a Mclaren.
Of course that means nothing to me, so I googled it when I got home.
It's made my Honda.

There are a bunch of models...I picked one and looked at the specs.

Not quite 2 million, but close enough for me!

On the way home we were wondering just who the heck in Golden Colorado could afford a 2 million dollar car.
Then it hit me. The people in the car did not come into the quilt shop.
So apparently they had not participated in the Row by Row Experience this summer.
It all makes sense to me now. 
I probably could be driving one of these little things myself, if I had not been quilt shopping all summer!


Anyone else feel my pain?



  1. I laughed out loud at your reasoning. Sew true. It is a nice car, not 2 million nice or for that matter 300,000 nice, but really,really nice.

  2. I thought what you said was funny.

    Who would want to spend that much on a car? We may spend a lot of money on fabrics, but in the end we have something that will keep us, our family and friends warm and cozy. But then, I buy what I call disposable cars because I commute 100 miles a day and don't want to spend a lot of money on a car that only lasts 6 - 7 years.

  3. Ha. It's a pretty color too, but I'd rather be quilting than driving all summer!

  4. Love the car, but love my fabric even more!! I would be too scared to drive something worth that much.

  5. Too much car for me. The image of driving a McLaren is too ego-centric for me. I prefer fabrics and laces and beads.
    You are too funny dear!

  6. Should I hit the lottery (that I don't play), I would be happy to buy one of those beauties!! I love to drive long distances...but what is the gas mileage and just how comfortable is it? If I'm going to drive from Washington to Florida, I need some comfort...and would my sewing machine fit in the trunk??? I would have laughed at your "give it another try", but not if it was my car!! Can you imagine the insurance on that beast???

  7. Some people just NEED to be their showy "things"~ it's sad really.I look at cars and purses the same way. They're for transporting my crap from one place to the next. I'd much rather live comfortably, spend my cash on something that's fun to do so I have lasting memories, have real friends and not fake friends, and be myself. It wastes far too much energy always trying to be the center of attention.

  8. Id rather have an ostentatious fabric stash to be honest than the flash car.


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