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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

                            Their Creepy and their Kooky,

Mysterious and Spooky

They're all together Ooky...
Are you old enough to remember that?

My quiltin buddy Ruth brought me a little Halloween treat...

Is she just the cutest. She's an in the hoop embroidery.
How did she know that Fang Floss is my fav?
Or for that matter, Atomic Fireballs!

Love my new shirt!
Just one question...
Should I be insulted that she claims to have designed
 the witch from my high school yearbook photo?

I've been skipping down memory lane.

From when this guy
was only 9 months old...

30+ years later he is still dressing up!
Oh what have I created?

 These 2 take the cake... 

Still friends after all these years and crazy as ever!

I remember all the hours of stitching costumes. 
We could hardly wait for the new costume patterns to come out. 

We had parties every year. They soon outgrew our house, 
and had to be moved to a friends, with a big barn.
It was a family event. Lots of food, games and a safe trick or treat place for all.
As you can see children of all ages attended!

Gosh, I miss those days.

Wishing all your Halloween Hauntings be memorable! 

 Cause we never really have to grow up.


  1. Great pictures! Love Halloween, my birthday!

  2. Wonderful memories, thank you so much for sharing them. Looks like a spooktacular annual event, fun for one and all.

  3. What a fun trip down Memory Lane! The kids used to be so creative with their costumes at least the moms were!!!! Nowadays they all go out and buy them.

  4. Cute, cute pictures. Love the memories.

  5. Great decorations.
    I really love seeing all the old photos of celebrations. They were fun times when kids were little and families got together.

  6. Great photos and costumes. Halloween is tons of fun:)


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