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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Harvest Ghost

Halloween's near...

and the ghosts do appear!

This delightful "Harvest Ghost" is from Prairie Cottage Corner.

I just love this design.
While you can't see it... he is quilted in glow in the dark thread and 
really puts on a show when the lights go low!


You can find this and many other delightful designs from 


  1. He is sooooo cute, Joan. I love the pumpkin fabric.

  2. Too cute! I love that little mouse looking up at the scary ghost.

  3. This quilt is truly Halloween Delight. The little mouse is my favorite and the glow in the dark quilted ghost must be fabulous at night. Stunning and Timeless piece.

  4. great quilt! love the expressions on the pumpkin and ghost.

  5. How cute is that! I love it..... blessings, marlene

  6. Do you quilt on a longarm? I can't get over how many projects you get done!

  7. Love how the batiks go so well with the fall/Halloween theme! Great job

  8. A Harvest ghost - what a great idea. He is rather adorable.


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