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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Harvest Kitty

If you read my last post...
You know that when the mouse is away...
The cat will play!

...and this playful cat is having a ball!

Another of the harvest designs from Prairie Cottage Corner.

You can find him and all his other buddies 

What a treat it was for me to bring them all to life!


  1. Harvest Kitty and Harvest Mouse are are a really cute pattern. and the colors you chose are
    perfect. What are the size of these Joan, could they be a table topper? I haven't seen a moose
    for a while are you having withdrawals? 8-)

  2. Adorable they make a cute wall hanging.

  3. Just lovely and I really like the fabrics you have chosen.

  4. Another really cute quilt! You have done such a nice job with these patterns.

  5. Oh sew cute! I love the face on your kitty!
    Beth @ Words & Stitches

  6. Equal time for the cat to show tts playful side as well as the "mouses".


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