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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Round Robin Reveal

I've never participated in a round robin before, but when Bea from "BeaQuilter" posted she was hosting one, I jumped right in.

I bet your not "even" surprised that my block had a moose on it!
Moose and fusible applique. Two of my favorites.

This made it's way to 5 fabulous quilters to add their spin to my block.
Never in a million years did I expect for it to come back looking like this!

Is this just not the greatest?
I'm in awe...it's just incredible.
These gals really "get" me!

Best yet... this was supposed to take 6 months to complete.
Thanks to all, I got mine back almost 2 months early.
Whoop whoop. I guess everyone was as excited as I was, 
to add their round and send it on.

Here is what I got to work on for the others.

In June I got Carol's scrappy center block.
She wanted scrappy...so I pieced a scrappy log cabin round for her.

July brought me our "fabulous" leader, Bea's quilt.
She wanted a Christmas theme quilt for her church.
Some simple piecing, picking colors from the quilt in progress,
 I then appliqued the Christmas message around it.

August was Carol's second scrappy quilt.
Yes, she loves these round robins "sew" much that she had 2 quilts going! This time was scrappy hearts and she wanted some black and whites in it. I added the top and bottom hearts to her quilt.

September I had Julianne's gorgeous Christmas quilt. 
It was so rich looking. The fabrics were just gorgeous.
I added the Snails Trail blocks around this one.
(Shakespeare in the Park, with all the Snail's Trail 
blocks is on my to-do list)

October brought me Rebecca's, book theme quilt.
I did a little research online and came up with 68 
book titles I could embroider to add to the final
round of blocks on her quilt.

I learned a good lesson on this one...

Wanna know just why it is, that writers have proofreaders?
OMG, I couldn't believe that I did this. 
Glad I caught it before I stitched it in.

As for my beauty...it's not quilted yet, but when I do...

I've got this quilt label to remember these wonderful gals with!

A big thanks to all who participated. 
You girls are just the greatest, and
 I'm thrilled to have been a part of it all!

Rumor has it, there just might be another one after the first of the year. Wouldn't you love to join in?


  1. Those are wonderful! I have never done a round robin, but next week I will be submitting my first block for the RR at my quilters guild. At first I wasn't going to do it, but then at the last minute thought it might be fun. My center block is an appliquéd butterfly in batiks. I hope I'll be able to come up with something to put on the other RRs that I get each month.

  2. What fun! It must have been so exciting to see it come back. I would be so nervous working on someone's quilt.

  3. I've never joined in one of these, but it looks like some beautiful quilts came out of this. Love your moose! I'm with Mary at Needled Mom's...I would be so nervous, too!

  4. Oh squeal!! these are awesome.... You put so much work into your additions. LOVE the book one at the end with all the titles, can't believe you embroidered all those!
    I know you want to jump on another one in 2016!!??

  5. Wow - wonderful quilts. Our guild did a round robin last year and did a ROW robin a year before that. Both were fun. My round robin was a Christmas themed quilt and I can't wait to pull it out for the holidays.

  6. Fabulous bunch of quilt in this round!!! Sorry I missed it. Keep me posted on the next one...

  7. What a lovely collection of talents. All of the various contributions were so well thought out and perfect additions to the previous submissions. Great work by all of you.

  8. This does look like everyone had a lot of fun. I like the way in the 3rd or 4th round it was adding tops and bottoms to make the quilt longer. This has worked really well.
    And the quilt label is a great addition.
    Lovely finish for your moose.

  9. Your additions to each of these quilts is outstanding!!! I love them and your final top is beautiful, too!

  10. Creativity abounds in those round robin quilts. You hit the jackpot.

  11. Hi Joan! Just wanted to thank you for your lovely work on my quilt! I love those Snail Trail blocks....so cool! You are so talented!! Thank you !!

  12. They all turned out great and I know how much fun round robins are.

  13. WoW Joan, these are amazing. I've participated in a few round robins and they have all been really fun...I have one of them upstairs that I actually should finish, it was one of my first stabs at applique... I should go dig it out.. :)


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