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Monday, December 21, 2015

4 More Sleeps!

The festivities are about to unfold.
The end of the hustle and bustle is near.
I soon hope you will be able to relax and enjoy the moment...

Like I will, when the floors are scrubbed, the bathrooms are cleaned, the meals are planned, the packages are wrapped, the cards are mailed, the dusting is done...

Oh heck, what am I doing sitting here writing about relaxing?
Mantle Moose, I wish I was you right now!

I guess I should have been using my time better, but I just couldn't help myself...

I just had to start, on that adorable pattern that 
Marlene sent in the ornie swap.
It's ready for some quilting and then the finishing touches.
Now if I could put off cleaning those bathrooms...


  1. Such a cute pattern! I can see how it distracted you! Mantle moose is mighty cute. Even if he is a little naughty.

  2. You are so clever and creative. Maybe Mantle Moose can do some cleaning? Merry Moosemas...

  3. Just LOVE the fabric in the border of your quilt..seriously gorgeous. Mantle Moose is probably hoping you will get a wriggle on so he has something to sleep on.

  4. Hope moose gets what he wanted for Christmas- maybe a sleeping bag or a bag of Hay(whatever Moose eat)

  5. Gorgeous work on your quilt. What a lovely design.
    You know you are going to put off the cleaning until the last minute, so why worry about it.Enjoy!


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