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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Can't be a holiday without the Chex Party Mix

It's really the holidays here in the Moosestash, when the ingredients for Chex mix come out.

Mantle Moose just can't get enough of it all!

Be careful silly, it just came out of the oven!

What's your favorite holiday treat?

#Mantle Moose


  1. I have to admit, I've never made the Chex Party Mix but I have eaten plenty of it. My daughter makes a yummy one with chocolate and other sweet goodies. My favorite holiday treat is a jello pretzel salad. It's a tradition for our Christmas dinner. Mantle Moose is hilarious!

  2. Mantle Moose knows a good thing when he sees it. I love to make fudge...and eat it. I used to make dozens of pounds of fudge and give it to all the company workers we had. I even made the little decorative boxes from Christmas cards. Amazing how so much could get done while working full time. Where is my energy now?

  3. LOL that is exactly what my kids say! As soon as Thanksgiving is over, they ask when I'm making Chex Mix! I have a hard time keeping my container filled~ DH loves it too. Have a happy day!

  4. I love, love, love chex mix! I'm pretty sure Weight Watchers would say, sure you can eat that - just count it as 100 points. :) blessings, marlene

  5. This is one I will have to try when we next visit our US family.


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