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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ornie Swap

The weather outside is frightful...
But here inside it's delightful.

We are sitting here enjoying all the treasures from 
Marlene, from the "Sew We Quilt" ornament exchange.
Are those cross stitches just incredible?
Marlene knows just how to stitch her way into my heart.
Oh, if you think you might have seen these before...
You have, I was bad and shared too soon. 
Mantle Moose and I were  "sew" excited we just couldn't wait!

Tomorrow at quilt club, I am going to start on the adorable holiday sampler pattern she sent.  


This is what a frozen radiator looks like here!
But even Santa still has a smile on his face.

Even the little birds had a hard time keeping from getting buried.
Here they were carefully balancing on the tops of my pampas grass.

I'm glad we got the car all decorated before the big storm.
We got about 13 inches of the white stuff.

Yesterday I shoveled for a couple of hours just trying to get a path to drive in.  I left to run some errands and came home to a completely plowed yard. Oh what a delightful surprise.
After some detective work, I found the sneaky neighbor...
Thanks guys, your the best!

Sunset on the homestead!
Doesn't even look like we got dumped on with snow.

One thing with weather around here...
It will likely all melt off in a day or two, 
and you'll never know it happened.

Our favorite saying...if you don't like the weather, stick around...
It will likely change in an hour!


Wishing all your holidays to be filled with joy.
And a little white stuff, too!


  1. my kids want snow for Christmas, after today's rain it'll be cold overnight and high of 50s, but so far it's been low 70s and should be around that for Christmas :(

  2. ohhh my your gifts....wonderful, your pics out of this world....so nice...

  3. You can keep your snow, but I love your beautiful sunset. Great ornaments. I must learn to cross stitch someday.

  4. I love the car even more now that it's officially slid into the pond with Santa behind the wheel.
    Love your gifts. The stitchery is beautiful. I miss the snow already. I too had wonderful neighbors who would dig me out. Really great gift to have good neighbors.

  5. What wonderful ornaments you received! The time and thought she put into making them can be seen in each stitch.

  6. Gorgeous cross stitching!
    The car looks fantastic with the ice and snow.
    And what a wonderful neighbour you have.

  7. Marlene, well she must know you well. That little cross stitched moose is cute, but then again so is the tree! You two were great swap partners. As for the snow...you got some great pictures. I love the little shivering bird...poor guy. I really enjoyed your post. You write in such a fun way. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  8. Just love visiting your blog. The car decoration looks amazing nice of the neighbour to do your drive way for you.

  9. Love the ornaments that Marlene sent. They are so sweet. I see the "car" got decorated too. What a fun sense of humor! Looks like we are only get a brown Christmas! No snow in the forecast here.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.


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