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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winter in the Woods

Don't these guys bring out the holiday spirit in you?

These are from Primsy Doodle Designs
Winter Wonderland Collection

Those little faces!

And of course...
You know who!

They just all added up to one fun holiday table runner.

There is so much you can do with clip art.
Primsy Doodle is my favorite to work with.
So easy to make into a fusible applique,
and so much character.

You can see more Primsy Doodle Designs right


I've got a secret!
Oh, I wish I could share...
Here's a hint.
It's something really fun
I got caught in it, up hook, line and sinker this summer.
But I can't spill the beans for about 6 months!
 "Sew" excited!!!!!


  1. Just adorable....nothing like a cliff hanger....

  2. ohhh I just love this...and look a moose too lol

  3. This is just the sweetest runner ever! I just purchased the clipart....it is on sale for $1! She has lots of cute options to pick from.....thanks for sharing!

  4. That is adorable and cute, cute, cute! Can't wait to hear your surprise!

  5. Very sweet, Joan. I love it. And thanks for the link....now, what COULD you be keeping secret? Hmmmm......

  6. These guys are a delight. What a gorgeous table runner. They are so much fun!

  7. This is just adorable, thanks for sharing!


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