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Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Wishes

Caring is sharing...
and that's just what we did!

When the daughter of one of our United quilters,
started making Valentines for the "Meals on Wheels" group...
We wanted in on the fun.

We've enjoyed each others company, quilting for almost a year now. 
Our weekly stitching and and giggle-fest, is tops on my list.

Joi, suggested that we make tissue holders to go with the
Valentines, and the sweatshop began!



and yours truly
started an assembly line.

We went from a few, and it grew and it grew...

Before we knew it, we had a whole slew...

That would be 200 to be exact!

Here's sweet Jessica with the "loot" to be delivered!

While she had to go back to school,
 her Mom (Deb) and Grandma delivered them on Monday. 
Needless to say the "Meals on Wheels" folks were
blown away!

Sending best wishes for a very happy Valentines day to all!



  1. I just think this is wonderful!! I delivered our guild's placemats for the 'Meals' Valentine's Day meal delivery - the staff was so excited when I dragged those 3 bags full and had to look at each and every one.

  2. What a sweet treat and I know they will be loved by all!!! :)

  3. You have done a wonderful job spreading your talent and happiness! Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day for all you do!

  4. What a wonderful gift you have given to so many!!! Bless you all!!!

  5. Oh that is so terrific. Congrats to the entire team. You done good.

  6. What an absolutely fabulous idea! My group from church makes Christmas gifts for the MOW recipients each year but I / we never thought about Valentines Day! Thank you for this great idea! What size/pattern did you use? (If you don't mind sharing!)

  7. I think that is going to cheer up quite a few people. And the best part is you got to have fun doing it with a whole lot of friends. Fantastic!

  8. aww that's just awesome!! glad you got some sewing done, hope you didn't strain your hand btw!

  9. What an awesome pile of love from all you busy little beavers♥


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