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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just checking in with you all

I'm still here and improving daily!
As you can see, I'm finally sporting a new purple cast!
(my favorite)

There were no long goodbyes, when  I got to dump this
blasted splint!  LOL!!
Little did I realize that after a month in it, I would hardly be able to straighten my elbow though. The muscle tone was gone and it took a few days before things started to work.

Here's one of those eeeewwwww... photos!
That creepy yellow skin. LOL!!
But the up side is, the hand is once again aligned with the arm!
A pin is thru the bones where the purple mark is.
Only 1, heck I thought there were 2.
It gets pulled and the cast comes off in 2 weeks!
Happy dance! Happy dance!

When I was talking with the Dr, I mentioned that my arm
 was much skinnier.
If it was only a matter of some splints for a month, 
could she do my thighs???
I guess when your faced with zillions of dollars in student loans from medical school, your humor goes out the window!
She was not entertained, and said it was muscle loss.
All that went thru my head, was my mother asking if I 
could ever keep my mouth shut!   LOL!!
Now, we all know the answer to that don't we!
tee hee hee

I was about sick to death of sitting around. It's something I have never done. I'm usually running in 10 different directions at once, 
and this was starting to take a mental toll on me.

 My friend Deb remembered a quilt I had started long ago...
The blocks were pieced and all the parts were cut already.
It was that "eureka" moment I needed this past weekend. 
I'm happy to report that I've been stitching away ever since!
I don't know about you, but I go somewhere in my head when I sew. It's just so peaceful and wonderful! It felt incredible, to be back there again!

I do hope you've all been enjoying the  "Island Batik" blog hop. 
Just as we are winding up, this wonderful box arrived
on my doorstep.

Island Batik has big plans for us!


I'd like to finish this long winded post thanking all those who have emailed to see how I was doing. It met the world to me!
Too all those friends and neighbors who dropped everything to take me to Dr appts, shopping, quilt days, lunch, more shopping...Those that jumped in and finished projects for the blog hops I had committed to.
I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life.
Know that your friendship and caring mean the world to me!



  1. I would love to go on a retreat with you, I can't think of anything that would be more fun. So glad you can stitch a little again. Your are blessed because you bless others. Though we are miles apart I sometimes feel you are right next door.

  2. I agree - years of medical school takes the humor away - they just don't get it! My PT was fabulous in helping me set up my 'sewing' to meet my therapy needs - he got it as his Mom was a quilter.

  3. Too bad that doctor doesn't have a sense of humor. Patience with your recovery is paying off and you'll be good as news before you know it.

  4. Good to hear how well you're doing! Time is short, now! That quilt, OMG, it's gorgeous! Look at all that work! It has kept you busy for a good, long time, and will for a little longer! I think your sense of humor is refreshing and shame on your doctor for not embracing the opportunity to smile for a moment. Keep up the good work! XO

  5. Glad the healing process for you is coming to a close. Shame on the doc for not having a sense of humor.

  6. So happy to see you are able to quilt again. The quilt is gorgeous. Thank goodness things are going better. Friendship is the best gift to have. Happy Quilting :)

  7. i am very happy to hear you are feeling better and getting to sew again. You are so right-sewing takes you to a much better place where there is so much peace and joy. It really makes me happy. I love the quilt you are making. It is so gorgeous!

  8. I hope you get better soon, Joan!

  9. I definitely think doctors should come with a sense of humour. Or maybe they have just heard it all before??
    Glad the recover is making the right progress and that you are nearly back to "normal".
    And it looks like there is a good reason to have a few UFOs around in case of this sort of emergency.
    I am so pleased you had lovely friends around you to help out during this time.

  10. So glad you are on the downhill side of the splints and casts!! PT will help you regain your muscles and range of motion. WHEEEEEE, sewing again!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh, bliss!

  11. so glad to hear things are coming along nicely. lol if it wasnt for the the muscle loss, i think a lot of us would use it for other areas, lol.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  12. YOU are amazing with your positive wonderful outlook. Thankfully you are able to sew now. Your friends and family that all helped you so much are PRICELESS!!! Still sending you Healing Energy Dear...


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