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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mini Madness Island Batik Challenge

You've seen my project, but you may have not seen
 all my fellow ambassadors.
Here's just a sampling of some.

Check out all the fun.
Posts from my fellow Island Batik Ambassadors
 are linked below for you!

Ohhhh, and stay tuned...
Guess what's in store next month?

Yes, we are all getting ready for some smashing showers!


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  2. Beautiful minis! Thank you for publishing a list of everyone to visit!

  3. Such fun! I'm almost ready to share my mini.

  4. I had some too, let me find a link

  5. Gorgeous minis. They are all so wonderful.

  6. I love Island Batik fabrics and all the talented Ambassadors who inspire with such wonderful projects. April Showers here I come...


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